The Vacation Mom

by Nance (CA)

Oh, God! I thought. My son was actually fucking me!

I could scarcely believe that I was really doing this with him, as I lay there on the bed, feeling his stiffly erect penis going in and out of my vagina.

We had both wanted to do this together. For the last year, since I was divorced from his father, the two of had been teasingly flirting with the idea, finding the thought of our having sex more and more tempting.

So we had decided to take a week and travel down to Mexico and somewhat daringly we booked a room at a clothing optional resort. I suppose, in a way, that sort of legitimized things. And our being naked together was all it took. Within five minutes we were having sex.

As I laid there I was quite aware that I was his mom, and that my son’s reproductive organ was in mine, and we were actually doing this together!

It was so exciting though to be nakedly having my legs apart and Jason laying between them, with his erection spearing into me.

“Oh, mom …” he breathed.

“Oh, Jason …” I breathed back and closed my eyes, savoring his maleness.

We laid there being sexually engaging, and that we were doing this together as mother and son was not lost on either of us. That was exciting in itself, but also compelling as well. To be doing the same physical act which I had conceived him with, and now to be doing that with him, was like a biological completion.

If only he could get me pregnant! I was surprised to find myself even thinking such a thing. And yet that was the function and purpose of what we were doing, and t was only the fact that I was on the pill which saved me from my natural desire to be impregnated.

Of course I didn’t know how he would feel about that. I thought he might find it fulfilling as well to impregnate his own mom. That was a natural desire for him as well, and he might like the two of us having a baby together. But then what? Raise it as his little brother or sister? Move away and live openly together and raise it as our son or daughter?

The consequences were daunting to be sure, and as I laid there, I concentrated on just our fucking together.

My clitoris was so enlarged and begging for release.

Then it happened and I gasped and choked as my son fucked me to an orgasm.

I was so excited and that seem to happen so easily.

I gasped and moaned and held him as my sexual urge was satisfied.

Ij the next moment he was ejaculating. His penis was actually doing that in me.

I was thrilled.

I heard him moan and felt him tense, and I knew that his semen was coming out and going into me.

“Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oh, yes!” I heard myself say, encouraging him to give me his sperm.

Suddenly we were both lying there catching our breath, practically unable to move.

As I lay there I was wondering would we be able to look each other in the eye? Would we suddenly be wracked feelings of guilt? We had just fucked as mother and son – how would we feel?

When we both opened our eyes and looked at each other, we were both just a little amazed to find that we had actually done it. We both smiled over our accomplishment. It was quite momentous. There were no feelings of guilt or shame. The moment was like a celebration.

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