The Pregnant Mom

by Janice (OR)

Cara was standing naked in the kitchen, getting herself coffee that morning. That she was now six months pregnant was clearly showing, her rounded belly pushing out.

“Good morning,” she greeted cheerfully when her son came into the kitchen. “I just fixed the coffee.”

“Great,” Carson said.

He was just as naked as she was, and it felt good being that way together, enjoying the freedom of doing that as mother and son, and they both loved it.

Carson smiled at his mom’s pregnant physique. He could still hardly believe that he was responsible for that.

When his parents had divorced a year and a half ago, he and his mom had started copulating. Not out of lustful passion, but rather to share the closeness they had always felt and to celebrate the mother and son bond between them. It was special being physically expressive of their feelings.

After two months of being sexually loving, there was a natural desire to allow the reproductive act to just take its natural course. His mom had been happy to get pregnant and Carson had been just as happy to impregnate her.

Then, when she did become pregnant, they moved, deciding to go someplace where no one knew that, and just raise the baby as their own. So that had moved out to the west coast and got a small house by the beach, and simply enjoyed life together. I was really wonderful.

As she stood at the counter with her mug of coffee, she beamed at her son.

“I like being pregnant with your baby,” she told him, rubbing a hand over her swollen stomach.

Carson smiled back. “I’m glad that I got you pregnant, mom.”

Carson had never realized just how sensual a pregnant woman could be, the fullness of the belly and the nipples become large. He felt his bare penis start to stiffen in response and made no effort to hide the fact he as getting an erection. Instead he proudly displayed his maleness.

“Ooo …” Cara said, as she saw her son’s boner. “Are you going to take care of that with me?”

Carson grinned. “Yeah. Right here in the kitchen. Just turn around.”

Cara turned and her son got up behind her, and slowly and gently eased his stiff organ into hers.

“Oh … I want to feel you taking care of that in me,” she said.

Carson started to fuck her, his hands reaching around to hold and fondle the fullness of her breasts. Quite quickly he was once more ejaculating his sperm into his mom’s vagina. It came out with a wet satisfaction and reminded him of just how good it felt to be biologically entwined with her.

“Oh, mom …” he breathed as his penis came to a pulsing conclusion. “It feels so good doing this with you.”

She smiled. “I think that you had better start calling me Cara instead of mom,” she said. “I mean, if I’m going to have your baby …”

Carson smiled. “Okay, Cara,” he said. With his penis still in her vagina, he kissed her fully on the mouth. It was wonderful to think that his mom was now fully all his.

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