Mom And Son Love

by Yevonda (NYC)

Gareth was boning his mom. His erect penis moving easily in her vagina as he lay on top of her. It felt so satisfying to be naked together like his and to be enjoying the pleasure of intercourse.

When Gwen had been divorced six months ago from his father, she had been surprised to find that she had a very real desire to experience being sexual with her son. It was funny, because she had never felt that way before. She had never even dreamed of doing something like that. But he was twenty-two now, and she was divorced. He was older and she felt far more liberated.

She and Gareth had had always been close. Then after the divorce the two of them just seemed freer with one another and even closer. Teasingly and suggestively so, and in a way which they both liked. One day when he had over to see her, and they were both enjoying the playfully inviting enticement of the idea that there could be something more intimate between them, she diffidently and said how she wouldn’t mind if there was. That she found that quite nice. Gareth had been a little surprised by his mom’s openness toward the idea, but was just as open to this himself.

Getting naked together had been so wonderful, and it was so rewarding to be that uninhibited together. They had intercourse twice that day, doing it very lovingly, and sharing the intimacy of the reproductive act as mother and son had been so significant and meaningful.

That afternoon as they had sex Gwen loved how it felt to have her son’s male organ slipped into hers, feeling its stiffness moving in and out of her wet vagina.

“Oh, yes …” she moaned softly as her womanly needs were brought to life. She loved having her vagina stimulated, and to feel her clitoris responding and becoming erect.

Gareth was enjoying how good it felt to have his penis in his mom, to be freely sliding it into her wet sexual depths. Just the fact that he was privileged enough to be enjoying his mom’s vagina made his erection all that much more rigid.

He looked down at her and saw that her eyes were closed and the look of growing pleasure on her face, as he continued to exercise his reproductive organ in hers.

“Ohhh …” she moaned some more, as her full bare breasts moved loosely with his efforts, and felt the excitement of lying there like that with her legs so boldly and widely sexually apart.

They kissed, their lips coming wetly together with a thrilling intimacy between mother and son.

This only enhanced the growing torment of her swollen clitoris and in the next moment she was climaxing.

“AHHHHHHH!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” She choked as the wracking spasms went through her entire naked body. It was like electric shocks were being delivered, radiating out from the epicenter of her vagina and clitoris.

Gareth loved this. It was so great to see his mother being sexually satisfied.

“OHHHHHHH!!! OHHHHHHHHH!!! OHHHHHH!!!” Gwen whimpered once more overwhelmed by the sexual excitement that her son made her feel. “Ohhhhhhh … Ohhhhhh … Ohhhhhh …”

As she felt the intensity of her release coming to an end, the next thing that she felt was Gareth ejaculating in her, his erection pushed all the way in as far as it would go as his semen shot from his throbbing organ in a series of pulsing discharges of semen. Gwen lay there , loving the thought that it was her son’s sperm going into her. This unashamedly made her climax slightly again with the thrill of that happening.

“Oh, yes … yes …” she panted. “Yes …”

Then it was gloriously over.

Gareth eased his no longer stiff penis from his mom’s vagina, and without embarrassment or modesty they lay there naked together, pleasantly exhausted and satisfied to have once again achieved this together.

She touched her fingers to his face and gave him a small, tender kiss on the lips.

“I love having you fuck me,” she said unafraid, using that word without diffidence, and enjoying being able to use it so openly with her son.

“I love fucking you, mom,” Gareth s back.

She looked into his eyes, which were deep brown like hers. “Do you?”

“Yes,” he admitted. He smiled. “I don’t want to do it with anyone else.”

“I know,” she said, realizing as much. And she felt just a bit guilty about this. “But you really should be seeing other girls, and not just being with your mother.”

“But I don’t really feel like it. I like how things are.”

“So do I,” she confessed.

They looked at one another, and both knew that their sense of attachment was an unavoidable one.

“You could just move back in,” she suggested.

Gareth winced just a little. “What would the neighbors and everyone think? I mean, maybe for a month or two. But after that …”

“They wouldn’t know. We’re just being overly sensitive about it.”

“Yeah,” Gareth agreed, knowing what she meant. “But after a while, they would probably start to wonder and suspect.” He knew that no matter what the inference would be made.

“We could just move. Go somewhere else where nobody knew us,” she said, offering this as a possible solution.

“And just like … live openly together?”

His mom almost blushed self-consciously over what this meant. “I know,” she said. “It would be like husband and wife.”

“Yeah. I guess it would be, wouldn’t it?” Gareth said, realizing the implications.

“Well … outwardly, at least,” Gwen said.

“But if we were living together day in and day out … sleeping together …” Gareth found it difficult to avoid the fact that this was just what a husband and wife did. Not that he was bothered by this. Just that it was impossible to avoid what their co-habiting would mean and be like.

‘Or we just keep doing what we’re doing now.”

Gareth grinned. “Stopping by once or twice a week? I think that the neighbors will start to wonder about that pretty soon, too. “

His mom smiled. “Well … they might,” she conceded.

“Actually, the idea about moving away would be pretty nice,” said Gareth.

“I’d have no problem with that, if you wouldn’t.”

“No,” Gareth said. “In fact, I think it would be pretty great.”

“Then we cold fuck as much as we wanted,” his mom teased. “And … no problems.”

“All right … let’s move,” Gareth said enthusiastically. He kissed his mom. The idea that they were going to be together in a more permanent arrangement was an exciting and very appealing one. Could anyone ask for more?

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