Loving Mom And Son

by Ricky (MN)

“Oh … you shouldn’t really be doing this with your mother,” Cassie said as she lay there on the bed, feeling her son’s stiff penis in her vagina.

“I know mom … but it feels so good doing this with you,” Darrel said.

“It does feel good,” she confessed.

His parents had divorced three months ago, and he and his mother had always been close. For them to be intimate had seemed like such an easy and natural thing to do and to enjoy.

It was not like they were being immoral. There was no seduction or anything like that. It was quite consensual and their fucking like this felt so wonderful.

Yet, the idea of a mother and son being nakedly sexual together was something which was not seen as being social appropriate. Really what it came down to was the idea of a mother and son being genetically reproductive.

In fact, that was something which seldom occurred or was the purpose. It was simply the enjoyment of using the reproductive process for pleasure and to achieve a special closeness.

In all truth, though, mothers and sons having a sexual relationship was hardly uncommon and took place far more often and regularly than many people believed. It was more or less just something that no one talked about.

What it came to down to changing social mores. At one time, in the father’s absence, it was expected that a son would assume fatherly duties with his mother, so that the mother would not be seen as pursuing an unseemly sexual life.

Also that a mother might teach her son sexual and reproductive knowledge by directly demonstrating such with him. In more modern times, it really came down to just pleasure and enjoyment.

Darrel was gently fucking his mom, sliding his hard penis smoothly in and out of her receptively wet vagina.

He was on top of her and lying between her spread legs in a classic missionary position, holding himself up above her on out stretched arms, and they were looking at one another and seeing the mutual pleasure they were achieving.

To Darrel it felt so special and so good to have his penis in his mom’s vagina,. To Cassie it was just as special to be lying there, being accommodating of her son’s organ in hers, and the two of them sharing that personal naked intimacy.

“Ohhh …” Darrel breathed as he felt the urge steadily building within his stiff length as his mom’s warm, soft and wet vagina caressed his stiff penis encouragingly.

She looked up at him and knew that he was going to come.

Darrel did a dozen more insertions and started ejaculating, pleasurably letting his pulsing erection floodi his mom’s vagina with his semen and sperm.

“Uhhh … Uhhh …” Darrel grunted with the intensity of his climaxing organ submerged deep inside of his mother.

“Oh, yes, yes!” Cassie gasped feeling the satisfying completion of her son in her vagina. She gasped and held him tight and squeezed her eyes shut as she also achieved an orgasm.

She always did as the excitement of receiving her son’s sperm thrilled her both emotionally and physically.

They lay there both breathing heavily as their elevated heart beats slowed and their sexual needs became wondrously satisfied.

When they had recovered sufficiently and open their eyes, they smiled at one another over their having once more so successfully fucked. It was early and a beautiful morning, with the sun coming in through the windows of her bedroom.

The idea of their possibly enjoying this a second time in a short while was a pleasing one to be sure. They often did and they thoroughly enjoyed that freedom.

After all, this was just between the two of them and it was so desirable and liberating for them to choose to do this together.

Darrel felt his penis becoming soft in his mom’s vagina, which was now doubly wet with her own lubrication and the added liquid of his semen, and it slipped out.

Immediately she missed his male presence within her as he did as well, and they both let out a slight disappointed moan.

Happily Darrel knew though that he would be having another boner within ten minutes, and that he would enjoy letting his mom see that physical expression of his male-feelings in his stiffly erect organ, and they would joyfully fuck again.

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