My Beautiful Hot Latina Sister

by Carlos (Austin)

I was staying at my sister's apartment watching tv while she took a nap when all of a sudden, I was startled by my sister's phone ringing.

My sister had left her phone in the living room so I quickly answered the phone so my sister wouldn’t wake up it was one of my sister's hot friends Veronica.

I told Veronica my sister was asleep but Veronica asked me to go check if she was asleep so I went to my sister's room and I was immediately aroused at the sight of my sister's beautiful ass.

The door was open and I could see my sister laying face down she was wearing white short shorts and I could see the back side of her pussy.

I got closer to get a better look and to check if my sister Monica was awake, I called my sisters name quietly because I didn’t want to wake her up.

I whispered to Veronica she’s asleep then I gently started feeling my sister's beautiful ass I was scared she would wake up and freak out on me feeling her ass.

But I couldn’t help it and gently started making my way to her pussy it was too beautiful and hard to resist.

I was super hard and wanted to just start licking her pussy and start making Love to my sister.

My sister started to move so I moved my hand away but my sister moved to a better position where I could see her pussy better.

It seemed like she was awake pretending to be asleep but I wasn’t sure so I waited a moment and pulled down my shorts and started to jackoff.t

Then I heard my sister make a soft moan and saw that she had a hand underneath her and was fingering herself.

I was overcome with passion and lust and gently started feeling my sister's ass making my way to her pussy.

I’m sure she can feel me now but she just continues to moan before I know it I start fingering my sister.

Then my sister just moved her shorts to one side exposing her wet pink beautiful pussy.

I then pulled down my shorts and got on the bed and my sister helped me put my dick inside her tight hot wet pussy.

I did my sister real slow because I didn’t want to cum to fast then my sister turned on her back, I lifted her legs and just started fucking my sister faster.

I was unable to pull out the pussy it was too good I came really good and got a little limp but my sister still wanted more.

So, I just started eating her out and fingering her till she squirted all over.

It was the best sex I’ve ever had we acted like nothing happened but I’m sure we’ll do it again.

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