The Foursome

by Rick

My sister came for a visit from college she brought a friend with her he was her math tutor.

Mom and I had hoped Lisa would come alone we were both looking forward to having a special family reunion.

Lisa said she brought Eric home with her because he would of been all alone on break he had just broken up with his partner.

Lisa said it's ok I told Eric that we have a close family relationship ,Mom and I both looked at each other then at Lisa, Eric was unpacking in the spare bedroom.

Mom said to Lisa how much did you tell him?

Lisa smiled and said just that you and Rick are married and that you both are bisexual.

Relax mom I Didn't tell him that you guys are mother and son just that you both are very open sexually and that I want to try and seduce you mom he was cool with that.

Lisa smiled and said I wasn't going to not get my pussy licked by you mom I miss us getting together.

Lisa looked at me and said I mite of told him that you brother would be willing to take him to bed he's also bi I think she smiled.

Mom said well let's get him out here and see how it goes.

Mom told Eric to come sit by me and had Lisa sit next to her she leaned in and gave Lisa a kiss.

Lisa opened her mouth to receive mom's tongue they kissed passionately mom looked over at Eric to gauge his reaction he was smiling watching.

Mom said oh Eric I apologies it's just I Miss and adore my sexy daughter she continued would you like to join me and Lisa over here on the couch?

Eric said oh no thanks I'm gay but please continue it's fine with me.

I took Eric by the hand and said let's you and I go in the bedroom and have some fun of our own he let up ready to go in the bedroom.

I kissed his soft lips tenderly he responded with lite kisses back then we kissed deeply.

Oh it had been a while since I had a man in my bed we stripped each other's shirts off Eric started licking and sucking my nipples it felt so good.

I pushed him back on the bed unbuckling his belt yanking his pants down Eric had on a cute little pair of silk panties on.

His cock was bulging up I kissed his bulge tracing my tongue over his bulge I pulled his panties down and his cock sprang straight up.

He had a cute little cherry cock head topping a nice long shaft,I kissed the head and licked the pre cum from his slit.

I stripped my cock was so hard standing at attention Eric licked his lips as he saw my cock.

I said do you think you will like it.

He said Oh yes I want it inside me.

I said later baby then I straddle his head lowering my cock into his eager mouth as I leaned down to suck his cock.

He sucked my cock down his throat like a pro I started fucking his throat.

As I sucked his cock licking up and down his shaft swirling my tongue around the head and sucking.

Oh I love sucking cock and it's that much more enjoyable when my cock is getting sucked at the same time ummm 69 is so fine.

I wanted to suck Eric off and taste his cum.

Eric stopped sucking me he must have sensed I was getting close to cumming.

He said I need you to fuck me.

I said you are my guest so let's do it baby.

I got a tube of lube and a condom.

Eric said oh no please just bareback me it's so much more intimate and I want to feel your cum inside me.

I said ok your my guest 😍

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