Mom, Son and Her Best Friend

by Cara (NJ)

Darleen had stopped by her best friend’s house that afternoon. It was summer and the back door was open and unlocked. She had knocked, but not getting an answer she stepped inside.

“Lyn? Are you home?” she called out.

She was surprised when Lyn appeared in the kitchen a moment later, tightening the belt on her short pink robe. Lyn looked surprised too at seeing her friend standing there in the kitchen.

‘Oh, hi,” Lyn said.

Then, Lyn’s son Derrick appeared behind her. He was just wearing a pair of shorts. He stopped and looked equally as surprised to see his man’s best friend.

“I knocked but nobody answered, so I just came in. I did call out,” Darleen said.

‘Oh, that’s fine,” Lyn assured quickly.

Darleen could see that both Lyn and her Derrick looked obviously a little self-conscious.

“Hi, Darleen,” Derrick said with something of a modest grin on his good looking nineteen-year-old face. He had known his mom’s best friend for years, and felt comfortable calling her by her first name, which she had told him to do. “Um … I was just about to go out,” he mentioned.

“Okay,” his mom replied. To Arleens he said, “Would you like some coffee? I was about to have a cup myself.”

‘That would be fine,” Darleen accepted.

She went and sat at the table while Lyn made a fresh pot. A minute later Derrick appeared, now fully dressed. He smiled and slipped out the door. “I’ll see you later.”

When the coffee was ready Lyn brought two cups over to the tale and sat down.

“I hope that I didn’t intrude,” Darleen mentioned thoughtfully as she took a sip.

“No, no. Not at all,” Lyn said.

“I wasn’t sure,” Darleen confessed. “I wasn’t expecting to see you in your robe.”

“Oh,” Lyn responded with a demure look on her face, realizing that she was sitting there barefoot and in just her robe and it was the middle of the afternoon.

Darleen grinned in an amused fashion. “I didn’t interrupt a mother and son moment, did I?” she asked, phrasing the question in a discreet way.

Lyn practically blushed. “No,” she said.

Darleen was still looking quite amused. “I wasn’t sure. I mean … not that it’s any of my business.”

Lyn knew what Darleen was hinting at. “We had just finished,” she confessed, knowing that she could count on her friend’s discretion, or at least hoped that she could.

“Oh!” Darleen said with a broad smile over having this revealed.

“Yes,” Lyn admitted in a straightforward manner. “Derrick and I have been having sex. We’ve doing it for this last year.”

“Oh, my!” Darleen responded and she laughed. She knew of course that Lyn had been divorced from Derrick’s father for about two years. So I take it that the two of you are enjoying it?”

“Very much,” Lyn said, even though having admitted it, she still felt self-conscious.

Darleen was the same age as Lyn, and was divorced too, although she had no children. Curious she asked, “What’s t like doing it with your own son? Is it awkward?”

“No. Not at all,” Lyn said. “Actually, it’s wonderful. It feels very special doing it with my son.” She grinned a little. “It’s very exciting having his penis in me.”

“I can imagine,” Darleen said, thinking of just how special this would be between a mother and son, to be that intimate and personal with each other. She rolled her eyes in a good-naturedd way. “I wouldn’t mind having our son bone me.”

“Ooo …” Lyn laughed. “He could do us together!”

Darleen laughed. “Do you think he would?”

“I don’t think he would mind,” Lyn answered. With a deliberate nonchalance she added, “Of course we could both be naked when he gets back and we could find out.”

They both laughed.

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