My Landlady - My Mom

by Judy (England)

I like older women,the mature stuff and willing, you know?

It was during the early 1980s, I was in England for higher studies and lodged with this single woman aged late 40s.

She was chubby a bit with broad his ass ample boobs. I always appreciated her body and she felt flattered - always. She took me as her son. Our relationship continued like mom and son and beyond!

It all started on an evening while sipping whisky and watching an adult movie on TV. Watching a mature women with ample swaying ass I just remarked: - her ass was so hot.

You think so Mike? oh God! mom yes,I sipped more of the drink, you want a good close look of mine? She said and stood up in front of me and tuned around, oh God mom, I want to bury my face in it so bad.

Go for it Mike, I buried my whole face in her ass and sniffing and breathing it in deep, my hands around her bum stroking her pubes.

God, I love it mom I said. This cannot get out of our privacy of home, this has to stay between us... I won’t say any shit to anyone mom. We then started cuddling and kissing.

Let’s go to the nearby pharmacy to grab a box of condoms as I am not on pills!!

We returned home with a box of dotted Trojan ultra and told her that we will fuck the shit out of us tonight mom. I look forward to it Mike, mom said, and I pour a stiff drink for her.

She drank it real fast and I sat on the couch and started making out.

Oh mom! I said as I gripped her as. Oh, Mike feel me up honey. Oh yeah! mom, I said feeling up her boobs and ass,our tongues were dancing fighting while kissing deep.

I lifted her with my strong arms and carried over to the dining table, pulled her leggings off her knees and almost tearing off her knickers,started licking her shaved pussy.

Oh God! Mike, lick it honey, lick my pussy, slurp, slurp, nice was so tasty and I muttered, tasty pussy you have mom. I continued devouring her thick-lipped cunt.

My God, it was great, I continued licking and sucking her pussy until she came all over my face.

I grabbed a condom and rolled it on,slid that hard and throbbing cock way into her cunt and pumped in earnest.

Fuck it Mike, fuck me good baby...., that what I did to hitting the end of her cunt, the table was shaking as I continued pounded her juicy twat. You fuck way better than my ex, honey, way better.

I lifted her bum up and she was bouncing on my dick. With my cock buried deep into her cunt her legs were wrapped around me, my arms were around her neck with boobs pressed against my chest.

I pumped and pumped into her. I then carried her over to lay her on the carpet floor and started hitting her pussy with long deep strokes. You like my cock mom, say - you like it.

I fucking love it Mike, even I feel the sticking dots on the condom rubbing so much my cunt!!! Just love it, please ravage my fucking twat.

I continued pounding her pussy going deep on every stroke. She started moaning - I’m going to cum all over your cock Mike, I’m going to cum. Do it mom, cum on my cock, I was not even done but stayed deep in to her cunt when she hit waves of orgasms all over my cock with spurts of pees.

I did eventually shoot that condom full of cum. We took a little rest along with another shot of liquor, getting ready for some more of this mom cunt.

After about half an hour I lifted her naked body up and carried her to bed but she was almost spent. And right now I was going to fuck her again, I forgot the condoms mom, be right back.

I rolled another condom on,spread her thighs wider revealing the shining engorged lips of her pussy. Sitting between her thighs I just aimed my hard cock at the entrance as she opened those fluffy folds with her fingers inviting my cock.

I slowly slid in my throbbing cock deep into her cunt. OMG! the boy knows how to fuck, OMG! how well could he pump.

And that I truly did and she had been cumming all over my cock again. We fucked till 6:00 am the following morning. I have never been so gloriously fucked, so fulfilled, so satisfied.

For her, her new son I, Mike, continued fucking her at regular basis for the next three years.

Any mom, if you have a young son 20 to 30 yo, real or not, fuck him, your son will be the best fuck you ever had, trust me.

Most sons want to fuck their moms, getting your son to fuck you will not be hard - son and mom is the best sex.

For me, I continued to let any son fuck me even when Mike left my house.

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