Liam and his Mom Jeri

by Carley (CA)

In the last year since his parents had divorced, Liam and his mom started to enjoy becoming more relaxed and comfortable with each other. His mom had no qualms about their being nude together around the house, which of course they never would have done if his dad had been there.

At the beginning of that summer, with their backyard being completely private, they had started to enjoy sitting outside nude to have their morning coffee. It was fun enjoying that sort of freedom.

As they were sitting there that morning, his mom took a last sip of her coffee, then very calmly asked, “Do you want to go inside and make love?”

Liam was surprised. Obviously his mom was in the mood. “Um … okay,” he answered, not sure if his mom was really being serious. It was such an expected thing for her to say, to be sure. His mom was a teacher. She had short dark hair and wore dark-rimmed glasses. She was always nice and easy going and they got along very well.

Mostly he just thought of her as being his mom, although their being nude together had introduced a kind of openness and honesty between the two of them which they otherwise would not have ever gotten to share.

They got and went inside, putting their mugs on the counter, and he followed her into her bedroom. There she turned and slipped her arms up and around his neck and gave him a mild kiss on the lips.

She looked at him and smiled.” It’d just be nice,” she said.

Jeri went and lay on the bed and he joined her. They did several more small kisses on the lips and held one another. It really wasn’t awkward being with his mom like that. If anything, it was actually quite nice, and Liam felt himself getting an erection.

She felt this against her leg and murmured and then laid back and spread her legs apart. Liam got up on top of her and pushed his penis into her vagina.

“Mmmm,” she murmured again, closing her eyes as she felt his maleness inside of her.

Liam began to slide his erection in and out, doing so gently, almost finding hard to believe that he was actually doing this with his mom, although it seemed so easy to be doing with her. It wasn’t at all awkward or embarrassing like he might have imagined. In fact, it felt extremely satisfying to have his penis in her vagina as her warm, soft wetness caressed his stiff length, encouraging it be as stiff as it possibly could be.

“Oh, yes …” she said softly, and there was a look of distracted pleasure on her face as he continued to accommodate her desire to have sex.

Liam was actually pleased and happy to be doing this with her. There was no feeling that they were doing anything that was somehow wrong, it was nice that they could be physically expressive of their feelings of closeness and to enjoy that pleasure together. He knew that his dad would probably have a heart attack if he saw them havening intercourse like this. But it was just something between a mother and son that made it so wonderful to experience.

Jeri lay there with Liam fulfilling the needs she had felt that morning, although it had not just been selfishly sexual. Rather, she had found the idea of being indulgent with her own son a quite attractive one as a mother and it was very much like having maternal desires which were quite apart from her usual sexual feelings.

“Ohhhh … “ she moaned softly again as her vagina was responding with the stimulation of her son’s penis, making her clitoris reach almost agonizing erect proportions. Without control she began having an orgasm. “Ummm … Ummm … Ummm …” she vocalized softly as she pushed her hips up to meet his.

It took Liam a moment to realize that his mom was coming, that she was having an orgasm. It was exciting to think that his mom was coming.

Quickly he felt the excitement of this making him ejaculate, his hard penis throbbing suddenly in her vagina.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” he panted as his penis discharged into her, delivering surges of his semen.

When it was over, they were both momentarily fatigued, and were catching their breath.

Finally, Liam disengaged from his mom and they lay side by side on the bed.

“Oh, that was so nice,” she told him. “Thank you.”

“It was great doing that with you, mom, Liam said proudly. He grinned. “I didn’t realize that you were coming.”

She responded with something a modest smile. “I was trying to be discreet.”

“Oh,” said, not expecting this.

“Well, I didn’t want to start crying out and yelling Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! I didn’t want to shock you.”

Liam grinned. “I wouldn’t have been shocked,” he assured.

“I’ll remember that in the future,” she said. She gave him a pleased affectionate smiled and rubbed her hand on his arm. “But it was nice being fucked by you. It’s very special for a mother to be able to do that with her son.”

“It was special doing that with you,” he said.

The closeness between them at that moment was wonderful, and they knew that they would be having many more such moments.

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