Family Orgies: Part 4

by Phil Jessup (Gatton, qld, Australia)

The next day I seen my daughter masturbating ad I walked past her room and I watched for a few minutes when she squirted and I then went and made lunch.

As I ate lunch my daughter came into the kitchen and sat and ate lunch with me and I asked her how many times did she squirt before and she said 4.

I asked her who was she thinking of when wanking off and she said mom and her brother fucking.

We talked some more and then I went and done some fencing and just before 6 o'clock I went to the house and my wife had come home and we all ate dinner together.

I went to bed just after 9 o'clock and my wife joined me a few minutes later and then a few minutes later she left our bed.

I went and seen where she was 15 minutes later and was on the back veranda bent over the hand rail and our son feeding his massive erection into her stretched vagina.

I went back to bed and a few minutes later I thought it was my wife come back to our bed and as I was on my back she started to wank my cock till he was rock hard.

She then sat onto me and as my throbbing cock entered her wet vagina she started to tremble and I felt her cum flow down my erection. Over the next 3 hours she had 9 more massive squirting orgasms to my three.

As I woke up the next morning I felt someone on me with my erection inside her and as my eyes were still closed I grabbed her hips and unleashed a massive load inside her pulsating vagina.

Once I was finally finished I open my eyes and was shocked as it was my daughter on my cock. I asked her what was going on and she said she seen her mom and her brother on the veranda last night and decided to sleep with me and didn't regret it.

We talked and decided to sleep together when ever her mom and brother were fucking .

We continued this for 3 months when one Sunday as my wife and son had gone to town my daughter was bent over the kitchen table fingering herself as I entered the room.

She stopped and looked at me and said she was horny and could I nail her now and I stood behind her and entered her wet vagina as I then played with her erected nipples.

As my daughter had 5 massive orgasms I could feel my first orgasm coming on when we heard my wife say what are you two doing.

We looked at the door and my wife and son were standing there naked and I started to unleash my sperm deep inside my daughter.

End of Part 4

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