Family Submission: Part 2

by Donna (Las Vegas)

After My wife and I left my sister to sleep in our guest room we went into the kitchen to talk. Jennifer told me that my sister has admitted that her marriage was on the rocks and her sex life with Clark had all but stopped completely. She feels guilty because she had filed for divorce only a few days before Clark got Killed.

Jen told me that sis loves me to no end and is glad that now she can be with us under one roof again. (I have not lived with my sister under the same roof since before I was forced to leave my childhood home). As I was saying that I was glad too, we heard the girls (my nieces) come in and visited with us for a while.

After finding out how their day and evening went and what they did they both went off to bed for the night. Jen and I retired to our room and fell asleep holding each other all night.

I woke up in the morning and went to make some coffee. My sister came in and asked "Can I get a cup?" Of course was my comment as I turned to give her the cup I saw her in a see through nightie and fuzzy slippers. I must have started to stare because she asked "is something wrong?" When I told her how sexy she was I saw Jen come in and admire her too.

We were all sitting at the table when the two girls came running in saying "We're lat, gotta go" and off they ran out the door.

My sister asked if everything was OK with what happened last night. My wife said "we just want you to be OK sweetie", "do you want to come with me?" and they both went to our room and closed the door.

I drank my coffee and read the paper a while but got that stirring feeling on my groin. I started to think about what the two were doing in there so I went to look.

I opened the door slightly and peeked in to see my sister sitting on my wife's face (Jen loves to eat pussy almost as much as I do) my sister was moaning and telling my wife "that's it, eat my pussy, just like that, don't stop, don't stop, I'm cumming, OMG keep doing that.

As I'm watching I notice my wife has her legs spread and her cunt is dripping wet. I start to beat off when I hear a sexy voice say "do you need help with that?" My oldest niece came back after dropping off her sister at school. (BUSTED)

I close the door and tell her "yes I want your help" I grab her arm and drag her to her room. I ask her if she is sure about this, she looks me in the eyes and says in a low sultry voice "I have wanted to do this for years" and drops her dress to the floor, takes her bra off and stepped out of her panties.

She grabbed her panties and pushed them to my nose saying "I heard you like to sniff girls' panties" (OMG. my sister has told her about us when we were younger)

I smelled the panties and said you smell nice. Tossing her on the bed I dive between her legs and eat her young juicy pussy as if she is the last vagina I will be able to eat again.

After she came in my face shaking and moaning she told me "Fuck me now, put that big hard dick in me and fuck me good". I climbed on top of her, slid my cock in her a little at a time. I was about half way in her and she let out a deep moan saying "your cock is huge, I've never had this big of a dick. I can feel you stretching me open. OMG. uncle don't stop"

As I worked it in her all the way she was really getting into having me pound it in her harder and harder. I was fucking my niece as hard and deep as I could when she screamed saying "I'm cumming I'm cumming, just like that" she then wrapped her legs around me and forced me in her tight. She was bucking and squirming so much that the bed was scooting across the floor.

She started to lighten up and then relax as I just kept driving my member in her until I shot my load in her.

WOW, what a fuck she was.

As I come to and regain my composure, I see my wife and sister in the door way watching us. I asked how long they were there? My sister says with a smile "long enough to see you still got my dear brother.

I went to take a shower and then met the girls in the kitchen. We all agreed that nothing would be said to my younger niece unless she asked because my sister had never confided with her the way she had with her older daughter.

We had a wonderful time during the time they were with us. Jen and I still live with my sister and the girls are off in their own marriages and lives with their own families.

Every once in a while the girls come to visit and all four of us have been together (My wife, Myself, My sister and My oldest niece) for some absolutely fantastic and loving sex. Never regretting submitting to family desires.

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