Consummation of Mom-Son Marriage

by Anonymous (Glasgow)

I opened the door to enter the room where my Mom was waiting for me to do the duties of a husband on their wedding night.

We both mom and son had been fucking each other for the last six months. She was a divorcee.

We had married each other that very day in the church and had taken the wedding vows. The priest had proclaimed us as husband and wife.

Now we were free to have sex whenever we wanted because we were a married couple now. My mom turned wife was waiting for me to come and consummate the marriage by having sex.

My Mom (now wife) was lying spread-eagled on the double bed. She was totally naked. Her cunt hairs were totally shaven and her clitoris was elongated and engorged.

I removed all my clothes and became totally naked. I lay down beside my newly married wife to fulfill the duties of a husband.

We both kissed each other and I cupped both her breast to prepare her for the final act of entering each other's reproductive organs for consummation of the marriage and have a child of our own incestual marriage.

My Mom put her nipples in my mouth for sucking."Suck my nipples my son and prepare them for our child to suck".

Then I turned my wife (mom) on her stomach and separated her ass cheeks. I licked her puckered asshole and entered my whole tongue inside her asshole.

My Mom caught hold of my circumcised cock and started sucking it to prepare it for the final act of copulation between Mom and son (nay consummation of marriage of a married couple)

We played for half an hour and now we both were ready for the final act of legal incest!

Mom told me to enter my cock inside her cunt and do the necessary duties of a good husband towards his legally wedded wife.

My wife caught hold of her husband's erect thick cock and placed the bulb on the entrance of her fully prepared vagina and told me to push it fully inside his wife's vagina and give her a child.

I pushed my cock inside her cunt and she pushed her pelvis to meet my stroke. In a second my cock was impaled in Mom's vagina up to the hilt. Her cunt muscles gripped my cock and we started fucking.

Mom's cunt muscles contracted and relaxed on her husband's cock as we both fucked. We both reached climax simultaneously and I discharged my semen deep in my woman's vagina.

We mom and son remained sexually tied for the whole night. My Mom was pregnant with my child. Our marriage was successful!

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