What a Summer

by Brandon (California)

We had been on summer vacation for a couple weeks. I was 18 and spending a lot of my time on the internet watching porn while my mother was at work. For me it was really great. Sometimes my friend Mike would come over and watch with me.

I was getting excited watching with him it gave me an extra thrill, especially when we would Jack our cocks. It was impossible to watch porn for any length of time without satisfying ourselves. We agreed that it was all right to take out our cocks and play with our own cocks.

We tried not to look at each other, but it was practically impossible. I would sneak a peek now and then and this really added to my excitement. I think he peaked at me too because his cock was always hard. It was wonderful to have two hard cocks in the same room. We started to grow tired of the regular porn we had been watching and soon began getting into kinkier videos.

One day we stumbled on a gay site and because we were bored with the same old stuff we decided to watch. When Mike and I saw guys sucking each other’s cocks and licking their assholes, we switched to another site quickly, both of us were disgusted by what we had seen.

That night as I laid in bed I started thinking about the gay video we started to watch. My cock started to harden. I wanted to see more guys sucking hard cock and even fucking. I decided I would watch gay porn by myself, and not include Mike.

I really started to enjoy gay porn and the excitement of being different. It really made me hard. I now loved to fondle my cock and asshole. I wasn't gay I just preferred cock over pussy.

Now when Mike would come over I made no effort to look away when he brought out his beautiful cock. I wished I could kiss his cockhead and lick his asshole, I know he would love it.

We were watching a lot of anal porn, and I was watching the guys cock more than the woman's cunt. I would comment to Mike about how hot the guys cock and asshole were. One morning I asked Mike if he would like to watch a video I had seen the night before. I told him it was hot and really got me off. He agreed that he wanted to get off.

When the video started it was two hot guys sucking each other’s cock. Mike looked at me. I said give it a chance you might like it. He agrees and we started enjoying the guys sucking and fucking. They both had shaved balls and I showed Mike my freshly shaved balls. I asked him if he thought they were hot.

He just stared at my cock and I spread my cheeks and showed him my asshhole. I told Mike I could shave his balls if he wanted. He just looked at me with disgust and left. That night I couldn't sleep thinking what might happen if Mike decided to tell everyone what I was gay.

I leaned over into my night stand and took out the 10" dildo and lube I had found in my mom’s underwear drawer, I lubed my asshole and started to push the dildo into my asshole. A rush came over me as I slowly pushed it all the way in rubbing my prostate a feeling of ecstasy that soon took away all the thoughts I had been having.

The next day Mike came over as if nothing had happened. I was glad to see him. He said that last night he couldn't stop thinking about my shaved balls and asshole. I want you to shave me he said. My cock started to throb just thinking about it.

We went into my room and with shaving cream and razor I carefully removed all hair on his balls and asshole. His beautiful 8" cock was hard and oozing pre cum from the tip. I kissed his pink cock head and gently massaged his hairless balls. Mike was moaning with lust and pleasure.

I got behind him and spread his cheeks and French kissed his asshole. And I went to my nightstand and removed the dildo and lube and proceeded to loosen up Mike's asshole. He moaned with pleasure as I slowly pressed the dildo over his prostate writhing in ecstasy.

Just then the door opened and my mother walked in. What's going on here she screamed. I slipped the dildo out of Mike's asshole. She said is that my vibrator? I was speechless as she slammed the door behind her.

We both looked at each other what a buzz kill. Our cocks started to soften and we started to get dressed when my mother came in. She was only in her bra and stockings, her hairy pussy was fully exposed. Are you guys gay? You should be after pussy not cock. We said we were just messing around.

She asked if I was going to fuck Mike because I was getting his asshole loosened up to take my cock. I sheepishly looked down. She knew I was horny for asshole. She had us sit on either side of her while she fondled my cock and fingered Mike's asshole. When we were hard and ready she had Mike get on all fours and lubed his asshole.

Then she had me come from behind Mike and she guided my cock into his gaping asshole. It was heaven fucking my big cock into Mike's ass as my mother licked my balls and asshole. I felt myself losing control and started to ejaculate trying to pull out but mom pushed me back in and told me to cum in his ass.

Later Mom had me fuck her in the asshole while Mike fucked her cunt. I loved to feel our nutsacks play together. I hope this story helps others to reach for their dreams and never give up.

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