Mom Gets The Best: Pt 1

by Tanya (VT)

“Would it bother you if I was ever with another women?” Cynthia asked.

The question was unexpected. Chris was surprised, but not shocked by it. His parents had divorced two years ago, and for most of that last year he and his mother had started having a mother son affair. This was something which they both enjoyed, but it was just casual and fun.

That morning Chris was lying naked with his mom on her bed and they were having coffee. It was just relaxed and comfortable.

Chris smiled just a little over his mom’s question. “Do you mean with Diane?” he asked, suspecting that it was. Diane and his mom were good friends and had been for some time. Diane also was the only person who pretty much knew about the two of them. She was accepting of that and saw nothing wrong with. If anything, Diane thought that it was rather wonderful.

“Yes,” his mom confirmed, looking a tiny bit self-conscious.

“Is Diane into that sort of thing?” Chris asked, wondering and never having thought about it, or suspected.

“No,” Cynthia said. “It’s just that … well, she’s divorced and single.”

“Yeah.” Chris was aware of that. His mom and Diane had been friends for a number of years now, and he knew and had always liked Diane.

“And … well, the two of us were sort of talking the other day, and it just kind of came up … the idea of our having some girl fun together.”

Chris smiled, amused by the thought of his mom and Diane being bisexual together.

“No,” he said. “It wouldn’t bother me.”

His mom smiled back a bit modestly. “I just wanted to ask you, to see if you were all right with that. I didn’t want you to be shocked or anything.”

“I’m not shocked,” he assured. Thoughtfully he added, “And I’m not jealous. I mean, that’s between the two of you as women.”

His mom appeared relieved. “You’re a good son.”

It was ten o'clock when Diane came over. Chris had left for his classes at the college.

Diana and Cynthia smiled at one another warmly and went into the kitchen to have coffee, sitting together at the tale in the kitchen.

“I sort of brought up the subject of you and I this morning with Chris,” Cynthia said.

“Oh?” Diane was interested, her eyebrows arching up. “What did you tell him?”

“Just that you and I might be interested in … well, having a bit of a fling, I suppose.”

“Was she shocked?”

“No. Not at all. He said that he would be fine with that.”

“He didn’t think that was being too lesbian?”

Cynthia laughed. “No. He understood.”

“And he wouldn’t be jealous? I mean, I know that the two of you are … well, involved,” Diane said, being cautious in mentioning this. While she suspected and pretty much knew, Cynthia had never actually come right out and said that she and her son were having sex.

Cynthia responded with a coy sort of amused grin. “You mean having sex?”

“Well … yes.”

“No. He wouldn't be jealous,” said Cynthia. She added, “And yes … Chris and I are having sex. We are doing that together.”

Diane smiled. “That’s what I sort of thought, but I didn’t know for sure. It does sound wonderful. And I wouldn’t want to intrude on that.”

Cynthia shook her head. “No, you wouldn’t be. That’s between Chris and me, and this would be between you and me … well, as women.”

“Oh, Cyn …” Diane said.

They looked at one another and the leaned over the small table to kiss on the lips.

The two of them had done this before, and in a way that was clearly suggestive of their being more than just friends, although this was all they had ever done together and only on a few occasions.

Being quite matter of fact about it Cynthia then said, “You know that Chris won’t be home until about four this afternoon. Plenty of time for us to get naked together in the bedroom.”

“I thought that you’d never ask,” Diane teased.

They went into the bedroom and the two of them were quickly out of their clothes and into each other’s arms, their smooth bare skin pressing together as they held one another and kissed, this time doing so much more passionately, allowing their tongues to make it more passionate.

They laid on the bed, feeling the fullness of each other’s bare breasts, and then their hands slipped down, their fingers going through each other’s pubic hair to further stimulate and arouse. It was really just mutual masturbation, but as two women they were much fucking together. It was so delicious. Working up their sense of daring, each took a turn pressing her mouth between the other’s legs, licking each other’s thoroughly aroused clitoris and wet vaginal opening with a lustful enthusiasm.

The orgasms that they gave each other were deep and significant and so satisfying female.

“Oh, Cyn …” Diane breathed as they lad there together catching their breath.

“Diane …” Cynthia said back and they looked at one another in a meaningful way.

Cynthia felt her son’s penis push into her vagina with the stiffness that she had come to expect and enjoy with him.

“Oh … that feels so good,” she moaned lightly.

“It feels good being in you, mom,” Chris told her.

They usually fucked in the mornings. It had become sort of an enjoyable and fun ritual and a way to start their day off right. And that morning was no exception.

Easily Chris slid his stiff organ in and out of his mom’s with a gentle and loving rhythm.

Their being physical like this together as mother and son was just so significant and so meaningful, and being able to engage in the reproductive act together to achieve this was so incredibly intimate.

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