My Neice

by loveincest (Atlanta, GA)

This is a true story but I will not go into every detail in case she ever reads it. My brother had divorced his wife and I hadn't seen my niece for probably 14 years or 15 years.

I own a semi truck so I stopped one day and saw her and her brother in Kentucky. At this time I was 52 years old and she was 32.

So anyways, I stopped by to see her and her brother and after visiting for a while I decided to stay the night and I slept in my semi truck.

It just happened. I reached around to give her a hug goodbye and it was not an uncle nice hug but rather a boyfriend girlfriend hug and we kissed on the mouth.

It didn't happen that night. It was sometime later that we begin to have sex.

The first night we had sex I slept with her and her apartment we laid there a long time together and her bed watching television I was in my underwear and she was in her underwear and bra.

I'll never forget how good she smelled and how wonderful she was I didn't really think that I could fall in love with her but I did.

The sex was unbelievable I guess because the taboo aspect but I also was a mostly involved with her.

I found out that over in Australia it's not illegal to marry a relative and they have test that you can take to see that if your children would be okay.

This relationship went on for over a year. I was going to get her an apartment furniture and some other things but I messed up when I went and told her brother and her mother that I loved her.

Her mother told me that if she wasn't doing drugs, that she would never mess with me. This girl is beautiful. I miss her. We broke it off and I haven't spoken to her in a long time.

My understanding is that she got married and had a child with some guy that she had met.

It was really a different relationship because I genuinely had feelings for her, strong feelings of love and as though I wanted to be with her forever. Yes it's true that initially it was lust, sex but it turned into something much deeper.

I was married through all of this with my own family but what can I say? I still think of her and my favorite p**** is incest p****.

I hope that one day she will reach out to me and we can renew our relationship. I'm sorry that this story is boring because I didn't go into the sex details but I can tell you it was awesome.

She's about five foot two blond hair with green eyes. She loves to kiss me and she loved for me to lick her p****. It was a beautiful thing.

She wasn't on the pill so we are very fortunate that she did not get pregnant because up until the last I would come in her because I didn't care if she got pregnant I wanted her to be my wife. But it didn't happen.

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