The Mom and Son Bond

by Lynn (NJ)

“Mmm …” she murmured as she felt her son’s stiff penis slide into her receptively wet vagina.

“Oooo … that feels so good.” She looked at him and smiled approvingly. “It’s nice for a mom to feel her son loving her down there.”

Del smiled back, hardly believing that he had his penis in his mom’s vagina. Hardly believing that’s she would want to be naked and doing something like this with him. Although it was a fact that many mothers found their maternal side and their sexual side making this a desirable thing to do and to experience. And many mothers did have intercourse with their sons just for those reasons.

Just having her son in her was exciting her quite thoroughly.

“Mmm … yes …” she encouraged as he began sliding in and out of her, feeling his penis passing through her soft vaginal opening and going repeatedly into her wet interior. She closed her eyes and held him, savoring the moment.

“Oh, mom …” Del breathed.

“Do you like doing this in your mom?” she asked.

“Oh, yes. It feels so good.”

“If you keep fucking me, you’re going to make me cum,” she told him.

Del worked his erection in his mom’s vagina, aware of just how stiff his penis was.

“Ooo … Ooo …” she breathed. Then she made a choking sound. “Oh, yes! Yes! Ahhhhh …” she gasped as she found her son’s penis giving her an orgasm. “Oh … Oh … Oh … Oh … Oh … Oh …”

Del was both surprised and excited, unfamiliar with seeing his mom’s face so completely taken with the pleasure she was deriving from between her legs.

Oh, geez! He thought as she continued to cum as he fucked her.

“Oh! Ohhhh … don’t stop!”

Del vigorously gave her the full measure of his reproductive organ again and again until at last she went limp beneath him. Now he concentrated on his own fulfillment, with his penis feeling so enormously erect in her vagina and he was ejaculating. He grunted as he accomplished this in his mom. His semen came out forcefully and fully.

Ahhh … Ahhh …” he panted with each discharging throb of his organ.

“Oh, yes, darling …” she said as she felt his male purpose taking place inside of her, and laid there receiving his sperm to make their union complete. It was only of course due to her now being divorced from his father that she could have such an experience and it was wonderful. It was so meaningful to be able to use her vagina to love her son like this, just as it was for him to use his penis physically to love her back in the same way.

Del laid there for what seemed like a long time, on top of his mom and with his penis still in her vagina, completely taken by just how good and how special it was to have done this with her.

To be able to take his penis all the way in his mom’s vagina was like the ultimate intimacy that could be achieved, just as it was for her to have her own son’s penis and sperm deep in her vagina. Neither had any regrets nor felt any shame, but only a euphoric sense of achievement. To be sexually a mom and son was just the best thing.

I wrote this story on the encouragement of my friend, and like her I am also a divorced mother who is thoroughly enjoying having a sexual relationship with my son, and have been now for the last two years.

My son and I have found this to be so beneficial and significant to our relationship and in ways which we never expected when we first began, which to be honest, was having sex mostly just for fun and because it was thrilling to do this together as mother and son.

It still is, of course, but it is also quite loving and meaningful. I also hope that this will be an enjoyable story for readers and that it may just encourage some mothers and sons out there to experience the beauty of sharing such an experience together.

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