Don't Tell Your Father

by Kendra (IL)

“Oh! Sorry, mom!” Toby said as he opened the bathroom door and saw his mom standing there naked. “I didn’t know that you were in the bathroom!”

Joslyn looked a little surprised, not expecting her son to walk in on her after her shower. She smiled, looking just a little modest. ”That’s all right,” she assured. Carelessly she added, “Your father’s not here.”

Toby was glad that his mom wasn’t mad at him. It really had not been on purpose. He grinned a bit modestly, never having seen his mom naked before. She was tall, with short orange-blonde hair. She was somewhat overweight and chunky, with full breasts that had large pink nipples, which sagged down, and a generous amount of a darker sandy-brown pubic hair.

She grinned back at him in a playful way. “You can have your clothes off, too,” she said.

Toby was surprised. “You mean … be naked, too?”

“Well, like I said …” she told him carelessly, “you father’s not here. We could be naked together. I mean, if you’re were going to take a shower …”

“Oh …” Toby said, not expecting his mom to be so uninhibited. He felt unsure about being naked with his mom. But she seemed perfectly all right with that. He was barefoot and just wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Summoning his courage he stared to take his clothes off. In just as moment he was as naked as his mom was.

Joslyn reward his nakedness with a pleased sort of smile, liking the fact that they were naked together. That made Toby feel a little less self-conscious. Although as he stood there, he felt himself almost immediately starting to get an erection, as his penis pushed up with a visible stiffness.

“Oh!” his mom said at the sight of his masculine development, looking amused by that. “My, that looks very handsome,” she appraised.

Toby blushed. He felt embarrassed, yet at the same time it was very exciting to be having a boner like that in front of his mom, and that only made his erection even stiffer.

“Would you like to take care of that with me?” she offered.

Joslyn leaned back against the counter of the sink and put her legs apart invitingly.

Toby stepped up, again surprised by his mom’s uninhibited sense of playfulness.

As she waited, he took a hold of his hard dick and nudged the swollen head up between her legs, pushing into her soft hairy folds, and into the opening of her vagina which was wet. Suddenly his penis was in her and he was surprised to actually be in his mom’s vagina.

“Ooo …” she said with approval. “Don’t tell your father that we did tis.”

“I won’t,” Toby assured.

He pulled his erection partially back and went inward again, and he began doing this with a gentle steady rhythm that his mom was accommodating of, closing her eyes and savoring the pleasure. He could only think that his mom was in the mood and just wanted some extra. Even, that she found it teasing and fun for the two of them to fuck.

“Oh … Oh, yes …” she breathed. ”Oh, Toby … that feels so good. Just fuck me.”

Toby could see that his mom was really getting into this, that she was becoming very aroused.

Looking down and seeing his penis moving steadily through her vaginal lips, at the apaex of that he could see her clitoris bulging out, smooth and pink and large. Daringly he reached his hand down to let his finger play with it.

“Oh!” she gasped.

Toby could see that he was succeeding and he rubbed her clitoris more, feeling its firm smooth female shape.

“Ohhhh … Ohhhhh … Ohhhhhhh …” she moaned. ”Oh, Toby! Toby!” she cried out. “OHHHHHHHH!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Toby was surprised to see his mom climaxing and having an orgasm.

There was an intense look of pleasure on her face as she squeezed her eyes shut and gasped. It was so exciting to see that.

In the next moment Toby felt his erection responding and he ejaculated. Suddenly his penis was discharging his semen into his mom, doing so nakedly and giving her his sperm. He hoped that it was ok to do this in her. She hadn’t told him not to.

“Uhhh … Uhhhh …” Toby gasped as his penis throbbed out its liquid into his mom’s vagina. His bare toes gripped at the smooth floor as he stood there ejaculating into his mom.

In one glorious moment of mutual release they both drew in a breath and then sighed as it was concluded.

Joslyn opened her eyes to look at her son.

“Oh, Toby that was so nice,” she said.

Toby was recovering. His no longer complete stiff penis slipped wetly from her vagina.

“It was, mom,” Toby said. Nervous he the said, “I … I hope that it was ok that I did that in you.”

His mom smiled and laughed just a little. “Yes. I enjoyed that.”

Toby felt very relieved. The thought of getting his own mom pregnant was an unnerving one.

“Don’t worry. You won’t get me pregnant,” she assured. “Ooo!” she then said with surprise and reached for some convenient tissues to quickly mop up the white liquid that was spilling from her vaginal opening. “That was a lot!”

Toby grinned over the excess of his ejaculation, at the same time with a look of pride to have put so much into his mom.

“It’s special for a mom to enjoy her son’s sperm,” Joslyn said in a confiding sort of mom way.

“It’s special doing that with my mom,” Toby said, enjoying the sense of privilege.

She leaned forward and gave him a small affectionate kiss on the lips.

“That was just so lovely.” Then a bit mindfully she said, “Just so long as your father doesn’t know. That’s just between us.”

Toby smiled. He didn’t think badly of his mom. It wasn’t like she was having affairs with other men and cheating on dad. It was just between them as mother and son. And the truth was, that lots of mothers did enjoy that with their sons. It was special.

This is based on my own story. I had sex with my son several times before I was divorced. It was just something between the two of us, and my marriage had not been going well for some time. Doing that with my son gave me the courage to finally get a divorce. I would not have done this with another man, but with my son it was different. I thoroughly enjoyed his ejaculating in me. That was so special for me as a mom. It fulfilled my maternal instincts as well as my female desires in ways which I had not expected or ever imagined. That was two years ago and my son and I have quite happily continued to have sexual relations.

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