Gwen And Zach

by Nancy (CA)

“Oh … oh, mom …” Zach breathed as he fucked his mother, his erection thrusting into her wet vagina.

“Oh, yes!” Gwen said, lying naked beneath her son, feeling his maleness passionately going in and out of her.

She loved being fucked by her son. It was so special, and he loved fucking her.

Zach brought his erection to a climax in his mom’s vagina, groaning as his stiff organ pumped his sperm-filled semen deep inside her wanting female depths.

“Oh … honey!” she gasped as she felt his liquid release happening. “Ohhh!”

The culmination of their physical bond was so satisfying. It was so meaningful for them, as mother and son, to use the reproductive act to express their feelings of closeness, and do so quite unashamedly.

This was hardly uncommon between divorced mothers and their sons to enjoy such sexual expressions of love. It was considered quite natural to have such desires as Zach and his mom discovered for themselves. She had been divorced for only a month when they had first fucked.

The idea of their being intimate had been both an enticing and appealing one for both of them. Although they had not known how they would feel afterwards, and had naturally been cautious about their first naked liaison.

They had been delighted though once they had consummated the act of his penis being in her vagina, with the feelings of such shared closeness having been more rewarding than they could have ever imagined. In fact, they had fucked four times that first day. The first time they had been prudent and unsure.

Then, after that, they had fucked ardently and with abandon. Zach had thrilled in being able to take his erection all the way in his mom, to let her feel just how stiff she made him as he gave her every rigid inch of his organ. And she had wantonly laid there with her legs apart, her thighs up around his hips to allow her wet vagina to fully accommodate him.

That day as they fucked again they were both enraptured by their mother and son bonding. It was so good and so wonderful.

As Zach’s orgasm concluded he drew in deep breaths. “Oh, mom … that felt so good doing it in you.”

“I loved it when you do it me,” Gwen said. “I love having my son fuck me.”

“I love fucking you, mom.”

They kissed and the experience was warm and loving.

Now, to think back to a time when his father had been there, and their mother and son relationship had been so ordinary, was disappointing. It was hard to believe what it had been like not sharing their feelings sexually. And now they could not imagine not being able to do this.

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