"Since I'm naked," Mom said

by Jeniffer (WY)

“Oh!” Warren said as he went past his mom’s room and the door was open and he saw that she was naked.

She looked a little surprised, too. She smiled with a modest amusement. “Just your hairy mom,” she said.

Warren saw that his mom was very hairy down there. He had no idea, of course.

“Wow! You are hairy,” he agreed with a grin.

“Oh, I know. And it doesn’t do any good to shave it. It just grows back in a day.”

“You would need a power hedge trimmer,” Warren joked.

“Thanks,” she smirked. “Well,” she then said with a casual and unconcerned air, “now that you’ve seen me naked, I’m going to go and get a cup of coffee.”

Warren was just sort of stared as his mom walked past him and out of her room bare like she was. He had been heading downstairs, so he just followed, watching his mom’s rounded and smooth flexing buttocks proceeded him. He kind of didn’t know what to think exactly, because his mom never walked around the house nude like that. But apparently she had no problem in doing that.

In the kitchen she went over to counter and poured herself a mug of coffee.

As she stood there and took a sip she saw him standing there grinning.

“What?” she said. “It’s just your mom without clothes on.”

“I know,” he said a bit sheepishly.

She teased him. “Does it make you want to make love to me?”

“Geez, mom,” Warren said.

“We could. No one would know,” she said being entirely sensible about it. She smiled looking quite amused. “Since I’m naked, so I’m ready to go.”

“You mean … have sex?” Warren questioned, unsure.

“Unless you’re afraid that it would feel too funny doing that with your mom,” she said.

Warren blushed. “I don’t know,” he admitted. He had never thought about it.

“But I don’t see why we couldn’t. You’re nineteen.” She laughed and rolled her eyes. “If you were twelve I might have to think about that, and would probably say no.”

Warren could hardly believe that his mom was so perfectly willing to have sex with her own son. Of course his parents had been divorced for several years, and he figured that his mom probably would like that. It was just that he wasn’t expecting her to actually say that.

“Okay …” he said.

She took a final sip of her coffee and then put the mug down on the counter, and they went back upstairs to her room. She laid back on the bed and watched while he undressed. When he had his clothes off, his penis became immediately erect. His mom smiled admiring at his stiff organ as it curved boldly up.

“Come here and give that to mommy,” she laughed.

Warren laughed too and joined his mom on the bed.

She spread her legs apart as he climbed on top of her, and Warren felt his stiff penis pushing through his mom’s hairy labia and entering her receptively wet vagina. He could scarcely believe that he was lying naked with his mom with his erect penis speared into her vagina.

“Oh, yes! That feel so nice!” she said, looking up at him with a sexual eagerness.

Warren began to move his erection in and out of her.

“Oh, I like being fucked,” she exclaimed, closing her eyes and putting her head back against the pillow.

Warren had never heard his mom say anything like that.

He purposefully gave her his stiff penis again and again, feeling its rigid male shape repeatedly going deep into her female depths.

“Just keep fucking me,” she breathed heavily.

“I am fucking you, mom,” warren said back.

“I know … I know,” she panted. “You boner feels good in my pussy!”

Warren was amazed by his mom’s language.

Suddenly she gasped. “Oh, God! I’m going to come! I’m going to come!”

His mom writhed naked beneath him as she began climaxing and was mercilessly overwhelmed by her orgasm.

“Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhhh! Oh, please keep fucking me! Don’t stop! Keep fucking me!”

Warren diligent fucked his mom as she came, thrusting his boner into her.

“Ohhhhhhh …. Yes! Yes!”

“Ahhh … ahhh …” she choked as the spasms began to retreat and the pleasure of fulfillment spread through her naked body.

“Oh! I’m going to cum!” warren gasped.

His mom’s hands pressed down on his firm flexing buttocks to ensure that he had his penis in her as deeply as he could.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Warren groaned as he felt his boner throbbing, his sperm-laden male liquid pulsing out again and again in his mom’s vagina.

He felt near exhausted when his ejaculation came to a satisfying conclusion.

It took him a moment to remember that his penis was actually in his mom and that he had just fucked her. It was just a little overwhelming of a realization.

He groaned just a little and he heard his mom sigh.

“Oh, honey … that felt so good doing it with my son,” she told him and she kissed him on the lips and warren kissed her back. Then she smiled and laughed. “Well, I guess we won’t have to be so shy about doing this in the future.”

“No, I guess not, mom,” Warren agreed.

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