My Brother Says Follow me

by Les (St Albans, Vermont, Franklin County)

Entering the room he tells me to shut and lock the door. Doing as he says now he tells me to take off my clothes and he does the same. His cock is fully erect it looks kind of like an arrow the mushroom head comes to a point and the shaft gets larger at the base. His cock was a strong 7 inches his ball sack was full of two perfectly shaped balls.

His ass was full and solid ass cheeks with a tinted brown asshole. Walking over to me he helps me remove the rest of my clothes, asking me to bend over then he rubs his hard cock between my ass cheeks as he spreads my ass crack. Reaching around he grasps my cock shaft and turn me towards him jerking me for about half a dozen strokes.

Then guides me to the bed he strokes me again. Moving behind me he pumps his cock up and down my ass crack and continues to jerk me off. Just as I was out to cum he stops then tells me if I wanted to cum I had to suck him off and then fuck his cock, then and only then I could jerk myself off onto his belly and lick it off after.

Taking a place on the bed face down he spread his legs and told me to eat his ass until he tells me to stop. Licking his ass cheeks he told me to spread his ass cheeks and eat his asshole. I spread his ass cheeks and licked his asshole probed the tip of my toung in his asshole. His ass tasted so sweet I just got lost eating him for what seemed like an hour.

He pumped and arched his ass into my face, he moaned in pleasure and urged me on. Rolling over he grabbed my hair and directed me to suck and eat his cock and he had a sweet creamy filling for me. And after he was going to slow fuck my ass until he filled my asshole with his second sweet load. Make me feel good and I'll jerk you off after and then feed you your cum after.

He pulls me to his chest and says suck my tits, eat my hard nipples before I feed you my cum. Moaning his pleasure he guides me to his cum filled cock. Suck me I lick down his cock shaft and stroke his cock before guiding the cockhead into my mouth. He tasted so good I felt him tighten up and then stopped before continuing on again, I wanted it to last longer.

I was enjoying sucking him and wanted to savor the taste. Grabbing my head he thrust his cock down my throat and started pumping wave after wave of his cum into my mouth, reaching down my back he shoved a finger into my asshole. Eat me Eat me he keeps saying until he completely empties his cum load into my mouth and I truly loved it and wanted more.

Did you like that he asked me I replied yes. Would you like to suck me more in the future yes how about now I ask no sorry I want to fuck your tight asshole, and shoot my next load into your asshole. Now suck me hard again. As I bring his cock to another full erection he tells me to lay next to him face down.

Taking his place over my ass he guides his cock into my asshole, I moan in pain as his cock head bottoms out in my ass, oh my god he says your so tight and I love it as he picks up speed and depth. He fucked me for at least and hour before he shoot his cum into my asshole. His balls keep slapping against my ass cheeks and he finally stops.

Your going to need to cum to my room late tonight, I'm going to fuck you again then and every day from now on. Bro your ass is now mine until I say differently. I reply what about my sucking your cock. You can do that too. That night about midnight I went to his room and he was waiting for me, take your pants off he tells me.

Then sit over my lap and I'll guide my cock into your asshole. He points his cockhead to my asshole and then grabbing my hips he pulls me down and presses his cock into my asshole. Oh my god yes you are a great lover I'm going to enjoy your fucking me on a regular basis.

Again he fucked me for another hour before shooting in my ass. Now go back to bed see you in the morning and maybe I'll let you suck me before breakfast. I went back to bed then dreamed about his tasty cock.

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