Made Mom my Wife

by Anonymous (Denmark)

My mom and I were married now. She was 42 yrs old whereas I was 23. One night after the marriage I and my mom were lying stark naked on the double bed of her room.

After the smooching and foreplay mom told me that she was now ready for the final act of intercourse.

She said "Honey, I am now ready to have sex with you. No marriage is complete without sex."

"Yes honey" I replied.

My mom (wife) lay on the bed and spread her legs apart showing her vulva.

I came beside her fully naked. I played with her boobs and sucked her nipples so as to lubricate her genitalia for easy entrance of my cock inside her vagina.

Mom placed the tip of my cock on her vaginal orifice and told me to enter her. I tried to enter but due to spasm of her cunt, my cock could not enter.

"It sometimes happens dear" mom said.

"This happens when the woman is having sex after a long interval but it will be all right after some more foreplay".

Then I kissed her vulva while she sucked my cock. I massaged her balls(boobs) while mom massaged my balls(testis)

"Relax mom" I said."Unless you relax we cannot complete the sexual intercourse".

Mom relaxed and we looked into each other's eyes and we saw our true love. I lubricated mom's vulva and vagina with some K-Y jelly. I then placed my cock on her fuck-hole and gave a lush.

Slowly by slowly my penis started entering and in a few minutes it was fully lodged inside mom's cunt. Our pubic hairs intermingled and my penis started swelling inside mom's vagina due to engorgement.

Her vagina went into spasm again and imprisoned my cock which caused extreme pain. Mom told me to relax till her vagina relaxed and loosened its grip from my penis.

When I felt better we started fucking. Her cunt contracted and relaxed over my penis with each stroke I gave. Mom also raised her pelvis to meet my strokes till we both released our pent up juices.

I ejaculated a copious amount of my semen inside my wife's cunt. We both fucked four times that night fully satisfied. We both fucked every night. After a lapse of one month my mom gave me the good news.

"Honey I think I am pregnant because my periods are overdue since fifteen days. Tomorrow we will go to the doctor's clinic for checkup."

Next morning we went for Mom's checkup. The pregnancy test was positive! I had made my mom pregnant with my child. My mom and I were a perfect couple now. Our marriage was successful.

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