My Drunk Mom

by Chris (Minnesota)

After the divorce, Mom took comfort in drinking. And she drank a lot too. Every weekend it was the same thing for me. Mom would come home drunk, and I'd help her up to bed. Finally, one Saturday night, Mom came home in a real state. She'd left that evening looking good. Mom was wearing a nice silk blouse and a short skirt. Being a busty thing, she had a lot of cleavage going on. And being a horny 18 year old, I loved that.

She barely made it through the door that night when she came home though. I heard her fall when she came in. She actually didn't fall hard, it was more of sliding down the wall and landing on her tight little ass.

As I walked into the entryway, she was giggling. She'd made some changes in her outfit too. I could see from where I was standing she'd taken off her bra. I could almost see everything through that thin silk blouse. Mom was a 36DD. I knew that from jacking off into that amazing bra when she wasn't around. That night though, I was getting a show.

Mom's nipples were not only visible, but they were nice and hard. That's when I realized why Mom went out. She was looking to get laid!

Mom giggled when I walked in. "Hey Chris. Looks like I didn't make it this evening."

I smiled. "Looks like you had fun trying though. Let me help you up."

I reached down and pulled her up. She managed to get to her feet, then fell forward again giggling. I caught her of course, and realized something. When she fell that way, my hand were almost right on her tits. I could feel their full weight against my palms. The only thing I didn't get completely by accident was those nipples to play with.

"Come on Mom, let's go upstairs."

I managed to get her up the stairs, and placed her on her bed. She laid back, still giggling softly.

Sitting down next to her I said, "Mom, you've got to cut back a little. Why do you do it anyway?"

"It makes me feel better. And tonight I had something else in mind. But that didn't happen."

She went from giggling to sad just that fast. I put my hand on her shoulder then. "What did you have in mind tonight Mom? What were you looking for?"

"I wanted to have fun. Mommy wanted to get laid tonight."

She laid her head on my shoulder then. I realized how that had to feel to her. She was still stunning. Those big tits, that small waist and tight ass and she still couldn't get any action. I stroked her hair to comfort her. Then without thinking I said, "You know you don't have to leave home for that Mom. I'm here."

"Oh my baby boy! Thank you, but we can't do that."

"Why not Mom?"

"Because you're my son. It's just not right."

I thought for a minute then said, "Ok. Let's do this then. You were looking for a stranger to get you off, right?"

Mom nodded glumly. So I walked over to her closet and came back with the sash of her robe. It was a silky black material. "Let's try this then."

I tied it around her eyes, blindfolding her. "Now all you have to do is imagine I'm your fantasy man."

That seemed to interest her, and she managed not to fall over when I did that. So after waiting for a moment to let her get into the right mindset, I reached down and cupped one of those amazing tits. My hand squeezed it gently, and my fingers captured a nice hard nipple. When Mom gasped, I knew I was in.

I started on her buttons then, exposing those tits I'd stared at for years. As soon as they were naked, my lips were on her nipples. Mom moaned, pulling my head into her tits. I bathed them with my tongue, slowly sliding my free hand up and under her skirt. She obviously hadn't worn panties that night. I found a soaking wet pussy, and two fingers slid easily into her.

I stopped then, standing to pull off my shirt. When she heard my pants hit the floor her hand reached out groping for my cock. She stroked it for a moment, then took me right down her throat, leaning forward to suck me then.

I had to stop her. I didn't want to cum in her mouth, at least not right then. I pushed her gently back into the bed, and spread those long legs.

Moving into position, I climbed between her legs and sank my rock hard 9 inches into her fantastic pussy. She moaned, and started playing with her nipples as we fucked.

I managed to hold off long enough to see her cum, then it was my turn. A few thrusts later, I buried my cock deep in her, and shot my load.

When we'd finished, I pulled out and took off her blindfold.

"Thank you baby boy. I really needed that."

"You're welcome Mom."

I snuggled into bed with her, and soon I felt her fall asleep. Soon I did the same, wondering what the next day would bring.

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