Mom and Sons Decisions

by Valerie (CT)

Cody and his mom were standing naked in the kitchen having coffee early that morning.

“Mmm … this is nice,” Janet said, savoring the pleasant moment.

“It is,” Cody agreed.

It was very special, the two of them being naked together like that and feeling so relaxed and comfortable about it.

Janet had been divorced from his father for two years now, and last year she had moved out to the small country village. Before she had moved, she and her son had found themselves being intimate several times. They had always been close and that had just felt like something that they had wanted to do together.

Now Cody had come out to visit her in her new house, and it had once more been easy for them to sleep together and make love. In fact, and even without actually saying as much, it had been something that they both had been looking forward to, sharing that sort of closeness again, finding it warm and pleasing.

“Mind you …” Janet said, “is anyone knew that I was doing this with my own son …”

Cody smiled somewhat modestly, knowing what she meant.

Mothers and sons being sexually intimate was not something that anyone talked about. It did go on and always had, and these days it was becoming something much more common for divorced mothers. It was seen as a desirable experience.

Yet, for many people, this was considered something improper and even somehow immoral, even if that was not the intent at all. Although there had always been a certain leniency where mothers and sons were concerned, more than say between brothers and sisters and fathers and daughters.

“Well,” he replied being entirely practical about the subject, “no one here even knows that I’m your son. I mean, this is the first time that I’ve been out.”

“True,” she conceded. She smiled in an amused fashion. “They’ll just think that I have a younger lover.”

Cody grinned. “What’s wrong with that?”

Janet grinned, appearing flattered by the idea. “Nothing … I suppose.”

She was forty-one, attractive, with dark hair that reached just to her shoulders, tall, trim and small breasted.

“So,” Cody continued, “If people just think that I’m your boyfriend when I come out …”

“And infrequent boyfriend,” she remarked.

“An out of town boyfriend.”

Janet laughed. “Of course you could always just move in and we could be a couple.

“You mean … like just live openly together?”

“I don’t see why not,” she said. Then, thoughtfully, she added, “Although I don’t know how you would feel about having your mom play the part of basically being your wife.”

Cody grinned. “I wouldn’t mind.”

“Maybe you should think about it,” she recommended. “Not only am I your mother but also twenty years older. That’s something to think about.”

“So? I could fall in love with an older woman. It does happen.”

“Yes. I know. But …”

“We’re already lovers.”

“Yes,” she conceded, although finding that quite an apt term.

“I’m not seeing anyone else. I’m perfectly happy being with you.”

“Well, I’m happy being with you, too,” she confessed.

“And we have lived together before … for years, actually,” Cody reminded.

Janet laughed. “Yes. But not sleeping in the same bed.”

“That’s kind of the nice part,” said Cody, still smiling.

“It is … now,” she admitted.

“Then why don’t I pack up and move out? People won’t think a thing about it.”

Janet appeared still a little hesitant. “I suppose that we could give it a try.”

They stood and beamed at one another.

In that moment Cody became aware of his mom’s appealing nakedness, and he felt his penis responding. She saw his erection and smiled.

“I want to make love to you, mom,” he said.

“You had better start calling men Janet,” she said mindfully.

“I want to make love to you … Janet,” he corrected, realizing.

Janet thought how wonderful it felt having his penis in her vagina.

“Yes. Let’s make love,” she said.

She set down her coffee mug and stepped forward and they embraced nakedly and lovingly and kissed.

This is my own true story which happened very much this way. Happily my son and I have now been living openly as a couple for the last five years and it is more wonderful than ever. No one knows, of course. That’s just our secret, and I suspect that there are now days a lot of such mother and son couples living together out there and no one is even aware. Yet, isn’t the idea of two people being together to be happy and loving? And I will say that so many mothers and sons are so well suited to one another. It is just a matter of realizing this and enjoying it. I certainly do.

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