The Impulsive Mom, The Impulsive Son

by Jaydee (OR)

“Hi, mom,” Scott said with a smile. He had stopped by his mom’s house that afternoon and had let himself in through the backdoor as he usually did.

He had found his mom upstairs in the bright sunny room which she used for an office. She was lounging quite comfortably in a chair reading a book and was quite nude.

“Oh, hi,” she said, a little surprised to see him. She smiled in a slightly modest, but not embarrassed way over the fact that she was undressed and attired in nothing more than the glasses she wore. “I was just reading,” she mentioned.

“Without clothes?” Scott questioned, with a very amused grin.

“I often don’t wear clothes around the house,” she told him in a very matter of fact manner.

“Oh,” was all that Scott could think of to say, unaware that his mom was such a nudist.

She was in her early fifties, tall, with sandy hair cut in a simple pageboy style, thin, with small breasts which boasted darker cone-shaped nipples which just naturally stuck out. And in an equally natural fashion she did not shave and had an ample of amount of pubic hair.

His parents had been divorced for about ten years and his mom was single and had her own life. She was something of an intellectual and worked from home as an editor. Apparently, and from what Scott could only assume, and seeing proof of that with his own eyes, her liking to go nude suited her lifestyle.

“I just thought that I would stop by,” he said.

His mom closed her book and put it aside. “I’m glad that you did. Would you like some coffee? I was just about to go have some myself.”

“Sure,” Scott replied.

He watched as his mom got up and, without any display of being particularly modest, proceeded to pad from the room. He followed her down stairs, going behind her, watching her smooth and trim bare buttocks flexing as she went.

In the kitchen she nonchalantly went over to the counter to make some coffee.

As she stood there and did this, she was aware of her son looking at her.

Not intending to stare and a little embarrassed, Scott said, “I’m just not used to seeing you without clothes.”

“Well, like I said … I often go naked around the house.” She gave him something of an amused smirk. “Did you want to make love to your mom?” she teased.

Scott blushed. “I didn’t think that was allowed.”

She gave a small shrug of her bare shoulders. “I suppose it could be,” she replied, presenting herself as being stimulated by her nakedness, especially in front of him. “You could take off your clothes and be naked, too. That would be a good start.”

Scott grinned, surprised by his mom’s uninhibited attitude.

It was summer and he was wearing a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops. It only took him a moment to take off hat he was wearing. When he did, his penis was pushing up with a handsome erection, thick and curved, with a large mushrooming tip that was expanded impressively out.

Diane gave his arousal and approving look.

As the coffee brewed, they slipped nakedly into each other’s arms. Scott felt the stiffness of his mom’s prominent nipples pressing against his chest, while down below his erection speared up against her wiry pubic hair.

“Oh, this is nice …” his mom said.

Scott reached a hand down to guide the swollen head of his erection into the soft hairy folds between his mom’s legs, easily finding her moist vaginal opening. With little effort he pushed inward.

“Oh! Oh, Scott …” his mom said, drawing in a breath as his naked maleness filled her vagina.

“Oh, mom …” He breathed back as he started to fuck in and out of her.

“Oh … Oh … Oh …” Diane panted with his repeated insertions. “Oh, it feels so good to be fucked. Your boner is so big and stiff.”

“It is with you, mom. You’re giving me such a boner …” Scott said.

She squeezed her eyes shut as she stood there with her son sexually engaging her vagina right there in the kitchen. “Just fuck me until I cum.”

“I will, mom.”

Scott continued to thrust his rigid male organ in and out of his mom’s slick and wet female organ.

Diane’s clitoris was fully erect and becoming overly stimulated and she could not keep from climaxing.

“Uhhhhh …. Uhhhhhh … Uhhhhhhhh …” she choked with her unleashed orgasm, as the wracking waves of her sexual urge swept through her naked body to overwhelm her.

“Oh, yeah, mom …” Scott encouraged as she was cumming, giving her every inch of his large boner in her wet birth canal, the one which had given him birth, and that his penis was now filling with a son’s love.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh …” Diane could only endure the intensity of her orgasm, her bare toes spreading and helpless gripping the smooth surface of the kitchen floor. “Oh, fuck!” she said. “Oh, fuck!”

Scott had never heard his mom use language like this and he had never seen her being sexual before. It excited him as they nakedly fucked with a shared passion.

“I’m going to cum in you, mom,” Scott said as he felt the sexual intensity building in his penis.

“Oh, yes … yes … please do …” she gasped, almost begging to feel him complete himself inside of her.

A half dozen more deep penetrating insertions assured his ejaculation and Scott felt his semen purposefully surging from his male organ into his mom’s soft, warm and wet interior.

He gave a sharp grunt as this happened. “Uh!”

He stood there and let his stiff organ satisfy itself, delivering his sperm into his mom without constraint. He was aware that his mom had been fixed, otherwise he would be impregnating her at that very moment and their indulgence in the reproductive act would then truly become reproductive as nature intended. Sometimes a desirable occurrence between a mother and son, although most often something to be avoided as a son’s sperm fertilizing his mother’s egg and creating a baby did have it complications and consequences. Although, it was estimated that at least ten per cent of all unplanned pregnancies among divorced women resulted from having intercourse with their own son. An occurrence to be heedful and prudent of, to be sure.

Yet, in this instance, Diane and Scott were free to be biologically combining to achieve a desirable and intimate closeness.

They both sighed and felt drained from their impulsive moment of sexual love.

“Ohhhh ….” Dian moaned softly as Scott withdrew his penis from her vagina and they both stood there holding one another in mutual support.”Ohhhh … it felt so good being fucked by my own son.”

“It did feel good, mom,” Scott said. He then confessed with some surprise, “I never thought that you would want to do that together. To fuck, I mean.”

She gave him something of a slightly weak but pleased smile. “I never thought that I would want to, either,” she also confessed. “But it’s just so special for a mother to do this with her son. It’s so fulfilling.”

“It is special and it is fulfilling,” Scott agreed, thinking how wonderful it had felt to have his penis on mom’s vagina and to be ejaculating his sperm into her.

They kissed, touching their lips easily and gently together and smiled at one another in a way that communicated a warm feeling of shared love.

“Now …” Diane half laughed, “what about that coffee?”

“Sounds good, mom,” Scott answered. He grinned. “And then maybe we could make love again?”

“I think that could be arranged,” Diane said just a bit smugly as she went to pour out two mugs of coffee.

She was feeling quite smug and pleased having just made love to her son, and quite thrilled to have been so freely and openly sexual with him. But then Scott was feeling the same way. And the idea that they had just become lovers was quite an exciting one to be sure.

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