Mom In The Afternoon

by Lavonn (NY)

“So I like being naked around the house. Is that a crime?” Joan said to her son when he had stopped by that afternoon, and she wearing a robe which she had slipped on before answering the door, with his wondering why she was in a robe.

“No,” John said, surprised by his mom’s admission. He was twenty-six, but he had just never thought of his mom liking being naked.

She laughed and teased him. “You can join me if you want.”

“You mean be naked, too?”

“Well,” she responded carelessly, “it might be nice to have some fun in the afternoon.”

“Mom!” John said, almost blushing.

“It’s not all that shocking. I mean, mothers and sons have been known to do things like that together and even quite enjoy it.”

“I can’t believe that you’re saying that.”

“It’s not like you’re sixteen.”

“No,” he admitted. “It’s just that … well, I don’t know. I just that Inver thought about it.”

She laughed. “Well, now you have.”

“I haven’t actually thought about it.”

“Maybe you will,” his mom said cheerfully. “I wouldn’t have any objections.”

John did blush this time. “Wow! I’ve just seen a side to my mom that I never knew existed.”

“Don’t be shocked. Just because I’m your mother doesn’t mean that I don’t like sex.” Nonchalantly she added, “It might be nice to have some without a lot of complications.”

“Well, yeah …” he agreed, seeing her point.

“Then I don’t see any problem if you and I decided to enjoy that. Like I said … it’s hardly unknown between mothers and sons.”

John was just a bit skeptical. “You mean, if I wanted to do it, that we could …”

“Absolutely, I don’t have anything on under my robe. All you have to do is take off your clothes. And then we can go into the bedroom …”

John blushed.

“You don’t have to be shy. Come on. What d you say that we try it?”

“Uh … okay,” John said.

They got up and went into the bedroom where she slipped off her robe and laid back on the bed.

His mom had fairly large breasts and a tantalizing unshaven patch of curly pubic hair.

She smiled at him and he started to undress. By the time he was finished he was having an erection.

He climbed on the bed and they began gently touching and caressing.

“I like this,” she said as he played her breasts and she held and stroked his stiff penis.

He kissed and nuzzled her neck, which she liked. Then he got on top of her and pushed his enormously rigid penis into her vagina.

“Ohhh … it’s wonderful to have my son in me,” she breathed.

“I like being in you, mom.”

Joan closed her eyes and savored having his stiff penis filling her vagina. Her clitoris was swollen and agonizing. As she lay there being fucked, with his repeated insertions making wet sounds, she found herself getting closer and closer to having an orgasm.

When it came she gasped and struggled with the intensity, climaxing fully and completely with her son’s erection in her vagina driving her onwards.

“Ohhhhhhh ….”

John was exciting by his mom’s orgasm.

No longer able to hold back, his erection ejaculated, shooting his semen deep inside of his mom. He groaned and his mom held him tight.

When it was over John lay here somewhat helplessly, scarcely able to believe what he had just done with his mom. He looked at her with a sort of lustful gratification in having just given his own mom his sperm. He had never thought about how good and how satisfying this would feel.

“Oh, John … that was so wonderful,” she told him, laying there holding his face in her hands and looking lovingly up at him. “It felt so good having your penis in me and then cuming in my vagina. I just loved that.”

“It felt so good cumming in you, mom,” John told her.

They kissed. It was the perfect mother and son afternoon. And already they knew that there would be lots of others to come.

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