The Daddy Daughter

by Cal (CA)

“Oh, daddy … fuck me,” Krystal begged with a daughter’s passion.

Ken grinned at the sight of his naked daughter on the bed, her legs apart, showing her smooth shaved pussy.

“I’m going to fuck you with my daddy dick,” he teased, letting her see the impressively large boner that he had.

“Oh, yes, daddy! Fuck me with your daddy dick!”

He plunged his large hard male organ into his daughter’s willing wet pussy.

“Oh! Daddy! Your dick is so big!” Krystal gasped as his penis filled her vagina.

“My dick is always big for my daughter bitch,” he taunted.

“Oh, daddy … I want to be your bitch so bad! I want to be your fuck bitch!”

“You are my fuck bitch. Your mother used to be, but now you are.”

“Oh, God, daddy! Just do it in my fuck hole!”

Her mother and father had divorced a year ago , and Krystal had been both eager and excited to be able to take her mom’s place in the way that so many daughters could be.

Ken began to slide his male organ in and out of his daughter’s lubricated pussy, the enormously red swollen head going deep into her.

Yeah!” he said, as he enjoyed the privilege of his daughter’s soft, wet reproductive passage intimately caressing his penis.. “Yeah!”

Ken fucked his daughter with decisive inward strokes that had her gasping ad moaning.

“Oh, Daddy! Daddy!” she cried out. ‘Oh, I’m being fucked by my daddy!”

“Take my cock you little bitch,” he said.

“Oh, God it’s big! I feel like you’re fucking every inch of me!”

Again and again, Ken let his massively erect organ violate her naked sexual depths.

“Oh, God, daddy! Your dick is going to make me cum! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Krystal cried out as she orgasmed on her father’s penis. “AHHHHHH!! AHHHHHHH!” she screamed.

Ken enjoyed the satisfaction of make his daughter climax. She was twenty years old and her orgasms were powerful and overwhelming.

“I’m going to cum I you,” he said.

“Oh, yes! Please come in me! Fuck your sperm into me!”

“I’m going to fuck my daddy sperm into you. I’m going to get you so pregnant!” he teased.

“Oh, God, daddy!” Krystal said. She was on the pill, of course. But her desire to have her father get her pregnant was a strong one. “Fuck a baby into me!”

Ken let his boner explode deep inside of her vagina, filling it with his reproductive liquid as his semen came out in huge surges.

“Uh … Uh … Uh …” he groaned as he satisfied his penis in his daughter.

“Oh, daddy! Oh, daddy!” Krystal breathed as she lay there receiving her father’s sperm.

When it was over, they both sighed and smiled at one another, having once more thoroughly enjoyed their uninhibited fucking.

Daddy … I’m going to stop taking the pill so you can get me pregnant,” Krystal said.

Ken could only smile at his daughter’s enthusiasm. “Is that what you want?”

Krystal smiled. “Oh, yes! I want you to breed me. I want to have you fuck child. Do you remember Cindy Anderson … that girl I went to school with? She had her father’s baby.”

“Was she happy about that?”

“Oh, yes. She now has a son and a baby brother who’s a year old. She positively delighted.”

“Well,” Ken considered, “maybe we can do some breeding.”

“Oh, daddy, that would be so wonderful to have you fuck a baby into me.”

“Maybe it’ll calm down your wild sexual urges,” he said.

“Oh, never with you, daddy! It’s too exciting and special for a daughter to be fucked by her father!”

They both smiled and they kissed.

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