I Love my Step Dad

by Maria (York, UK)

My mom now aged 38 remarried her bf, Don(40 yo). At age 18 with lots of dream about bf, I found him very handsome. He too liked me and used to cuddle me a lot – I loved it.

On every night I heard them fucking next to my room. I thought about how amazing Don would be in bed! It was all sweet thoughts of me being together with him that drifted me to sleep.

He was in my dreams last night. He always was. This time, I dreamt that he was in my bed. He kissed my neck, pushed hand underneath my night shirt to lightly fondle my small tits and massaged the little budding nips with his fingers.

The other hand gently slid my thighs apart. He shifted the gusset of my panties aside to slide a finger inside me. I was no virgin as my first bf pushed hard his small cock to break my hymen on our first date and came within a minute! After that we broke up our relationship.

In my dream or half-sleeping, may be, I moved my hips towards his hand as he began to finger me in and out. I got wet almost instantly, feeling his finger and moaned in pleasure when he slipped two fingers in.

He pumped into me harder and harder until I was pleading for him to fuck me. He soon retrieved his fingers and pulled my panties down. I spread my legs even further apart for him, opening up my cunt.

He knelt between my legs, lowered his boxer and slid smoothly into my wet, tight hole. I moaned, gripping his shoulders. The dream was so intense that I felt myself shifting with desire in bed as I awoke from it. I nearly cried out in surprise.

There was actually someone on my bed, lying on top of me and fucking me. I felt startled and was about to scream when he leant towards my ear and whispered, "Shhh..." I knew this voice.

It was my step dad! His strong cock was sliding smoothly in and out of me and at first, I was in shock. How did I not know when he entered? But I let it happen and gripped his shoulders, weakly trying to push him off when he began to grind roughly against my throbbing pussy.

I really did not want to stop. Not right now. So I did not push him away. His moves became even faster and I started panting until I climaxed hard shaking my whole body. He began thrusting into my cunt faster and faster, nearing his own climax and came deep inside me.

We lay that way for a while, him on top of me. ‘Why did you do that?’ I asked him in low voice – ‘I got attracted to your soon after I married your mom” – he responded.

‘Are you sorry about what had happened just now’? He asked in muffled voice - I shook my head but kept silent. He slid out of me and left with a kiss on my lips.

I only hoped this will not be the last from my step dad.

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