I was Adopted into a Black Family

by Anonymous

I was 17 when i was adopted into an interracial family, i had a white mom , a black dad and brother and we had a good relationship , though my new mom worked out of town a lot which left me with my new dad and brother a lot.

I turned 18 and i was well built for my age , one day i came home and was changing my clothes when my brother walked in not realising and found me in my panties.

He smiled and came over to me and said how sexy i looked as he caressed over my tits and stomach i moaned a little as i enjoyed it he then kissed me as he slid his hand into my panties and started playing with my pussy as i got wet i moaned a little more.

He smiled and got undressed and he turned to me and asked me to get my knees and suck his dick as i did that's when i seen his big cock it was 10" i looked up and said i hadn't had anything like this as he smiled. i sucked him until he was hard, he then told me to lay on my back and spread wide for him he got between my legs and started to slowly push his cock into me as i watched and felt it going in soon he was deep inside i stopped him for a moment as it hurt a little then he continued until he all into me hold still so i could get used to him.

He started to fuck me slowly as he smiled, i moaned as he fucked me then he told me to wrap my legs around him so i did as i felt him go a little deeper he kept fucking me with a steady pace and soon i felt his cock swell in me and he started filling me up with his hot cum, it felt so good and deep inside of me then he pulled out and had me suck his cock clean.as we laid there he told me he was going to fuck me regular and that my new dad was going o fuck me to that nite , i said ok. i showered and got ready.

That evening my dad came to my room and smiled as i was only in my robe he came to me and said it was time for me to have sex with him and i said ok as i took my robe off and revealed my naked body he then smiled as he undressed and had me get on my knees , he had an 11"dick i smiled and sucked him hard, i got on the bed and spread for him .

He sucked on my tits and kissed his way down to my pussy and ate me to an orgasm , then he came up and started to push his big cock into me i could feel him going into me filling my tight pussy after he was in he slowly fucked me for a while then he pulled out and had me go doggie and started to fuck me again it felt great and soon he unloaded a huge load of hot cum deep inside of me , after he pulled out i faced him and he said that from now on him and my brother were fucking me and i was to be ready for them i said i would be with a smile.

He then asked if i would do anal and i said that i d never done it before so he said that i was going to learn and he left my room and came back with a tube of ky jelly. he smiled as he said to lay down flat on my stomach and relax and spread my ass cheeks so i did i then felt him put some ky on my ass and he started to push it in with his thumb at i gasped but after he kept working it in i was ok , then he put some on his dick , he then straddled me and started to push slowly into my tight ass it hurt some at first and soon it felt like he was in my stomach after he was all in.

He whispered here we go as he started to slowly fuck my ass soon i was loving it and felt turned on by it and then i felt his dick swell and pushed deep and i felt his really hot cum filling me up i moaned in delight and he pulled out soon after. he told me that i was to be their sex slave from now on when mom wasn't around and to not say anything to her or anybody i smiled and said i d enjoy both of them fucking anytime from now on.

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