Daddy Dearest

by Jen (NC)

“Oh, daddy …” CeCe said, feeling her father’s thick stiff penis filling her vagina.

“It feels so good to be doing this with you, honey,” Stan told her, savoring the privilege to be doing this with his own daughter.

CeCe had been one of the most attractive girls in school and a straight-A student, and now having graduated, this was like a celebration of all of that hard work before she went off to college.

Like most girls, CeCe had always adored her father, and there had long been a good deal of playful flirtation between the two of them, with the teasing idea of their being intimate adding a delightful allure.

Her mom had gone to visit her sister and was away for two days. That morning CeCe had bravely presented herself naked to her father and he had loved it.

“Honey!” he had said, surprised as his daughter wiggled close to give him an affectionate kiss.

“Well, mom won’t know,” CeCe told him confidently. “And I am eighteen now.” She grinned.

He had grinned back, let his hands hold her back as she stood there. “Yes, you are,” he said.

“Am I giving you a boner?” she had inquired playfully. “

“Uh-hu,” he admitted, feeling his manhood go stiffly up in his pants. Although he would certainly have never done that when she was younger, he opened his pants to show her his large, thick male organ.

“Oh, daddy!” CeCe had gushed at the sight. She had longed to see her father’s dick.

Immediately she had dropped down to take his organ wetly into her mouth.

“Ooo.. “ he had breathed as he watched his daughter suck him.

“Oh daddy …” Ce Ce said breathlessly when she pulled her mouth away. “Fuck me.”

They went into the bedroom and Stan had manfully pushed his reproductive organ into his daughter's vagina and started fucking her.

Now Ce Ce was getting the full benefit of her naked daring as she laid there being fucked by him like he would fuck her mother.

Her clit was swollen an agonizing.

“Oh, daddy! Daddy!” she gasped and started to have an orgasm.

It was so good to see his daughter lying there naked on the bed, climaxing as his boner was pushed fully into her.

“OHHHHHHH!!!!” CeCe choked as she endured her naked sexual release.

“I’m going to give it to you, honey,” Stan told her as he felt his boner ejaculating his sperm into her.

“Oh, yes! Yes! Yes!” CeCe panted, excited to be having to same source of sperm which had made her now flowing freely into her vagina. “Oh, daddy … give it to me!”

In a moment more their impromptu fucking concluded and with satisfaction.

Stan had just enjoyed the privilege of many a father in getting to fuck his own daughter, and she had enjoyed the same privilege as many girls did in being fucked by her father. It was so special and wonderful and something to be cherished.

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