My New Cabin

by Anonymous

I had just inherited a cabin from a relative who had died and i decided to go and check it out and see what was there one weekend so i drove out to it and it was secluded and very nice but i noticed it needed a couple of things fixed and i knew i needed a little help with it.

I'm 30 good build 34dd tits, i asked a cousin of mine who does some home improvement work if he could come out with me on the weekend and take a look at it with me and he was happy to he is 25 and handsome, we drove out to it on Friday nite and spent the nite and the next morning i showed him the things i needed done and soon we were taking care of it i was working in shorts and a t-shirt and him dressed the same.

Soon we had things done and were relaxing a bit chatting about family stuff and laughing as we were siting next to each other, he smiled and he put his hand on my thigh and kissed me, we kissed a couple times as he slid his hand up to my pussy and rubbed it i spread a little as he kept rubbing it and kissing me.

He smiled as he took my t-shirt off and played with my tits for a moment and he asked me to undress i got up and undressed while he did to and when i turned to him i seen his wonderful 10"dick, i got on my knees and started sucking him hard and after he took me to my bedroom and had me lay back and spread he was soon eating my pussy and massaging my tits as i moaned soon i orgasmed.

He positioned himself above me and smiled as he started pushing his cock into me i moaned as i felt him going deeper into me soon he was all into me and he started fucking me and it felt great my pussy gripped him as he went and soon he pushed deep and i felt his hot sperm flowing into my pussy as i cum, after he pulled out and laid next to me i smiled and he kissed me.

After we rested he asked if i did anal and i smiled and said yes as i rolled over and spread my cheeks soon he was in my as fucking me i was turned on by his huge dick and soon he unloading his hot sperm deep in me and pulled out and laid down we chatted more, he asked if i was interested in letting him come there like this and we could do stuff in and out of the cabin.

Since it was so secluded and i said yes then he smiled and asked if i was interested in having a couple of his friend come with him and let them fuck me and i smiled and said yes i d let them. he smiled and asked if we could meet there the next weekend and that he had a special friend he d like to bring i smiled and asked how special he smiled and said he had a 13"dick and i said that i d never had been with a guy like that but i agreed.

The next Friday nite i met him and his friend at the cabin and after we went in i was dressed in a skirt and top with thigh highs and soon my cousin and his friend were kissing me and lifting my skirt up and they played with my ass and pussy standing there i was wet, we all got undressed and i looked at his friend and he was hung with 13"i was soon on my knees in font of him sucking his dick hard.

My cousin got under me as i was doing that and was eating my pussy, i was really wet and he was hard, we went to my bedroom and i laid down and spread wide for him, my cousin watched as he got between my legs and the started pushing his huge dick into me, he kept going slowly and soon i felt him open my cervix it hurt as i moaned and he gave it an extra push and soon was all into me he finished positioning himself and started fucking me he kissed my neck and i felt his every push into my cervix.

He whispered that he was ready to cum as he pushed himself deep into my cervix i suddenly felt his hot sperm filling my cervix up and it flooded my pussy as i moaned after he finished, he smiled and we kissed and he pulled out.

I laid there tired and full of sperm as he laid down next to me. My cousin came over to me and had me suck his hard dick and i rolled over and he fucked my ass, the next day after we cleaned up they took me outside naked and took turns fucking me the rest of the weekend in various places, i loved it a lot and we meet there often for more fun.

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