Family Orgies: Part 3

by Phil Jessup (Gatton, qld, Australia)

My wife was having sex with her boss and our son and she was giving me none for nearly 2 months.

I was wanking off regularly and one day when no one was home I checked my wife's video stash and found a few new videos.

One was the night she went to her work Christmas party and I remember her telling me it was her turn to do the serving.

When i watched the video i was stunned as it was of her serving everyone that night and she was totally naked.

She went about her work as if she was clothed and a few workers told she looked smoking hot naked and she smiled. About 11 o'clock everyone had left bar her boss and two sons.

Well over the next three hours she made love to them and she had 15 massive orgasms and the boss and his sons unleashed 3 loads each of sperm inside.

The next video was of her father and brother nailing her in a lot of positions and she had some massive orgasms as well as her father and brother.

I even seen her being nailed by our son inside and outside including the pool and one Friday afternoon I came home early and walked into the kitchen and stopped still as my daughter was naked and bent over the sink masturbating while watching her brother and mom going for it in the pool.

She started to tremble and then softly squealed as another massive load flowed from her and from the amount on the floor this wasn't her first orgasm.

That night after dinner I was watching TV and got erected from watching my daughter masturbating earlier.

I started to masturbate when my daughter came in and sat next to me and as she seen me wanking off she gasped.

She watched as I finally cum and squirted everywhere over my body, face, chest and stomach.

My daughter then said that she has never seen me squirt so much sperm before and then proceeded to lick my sperm off me.

I then went and had a shower then off to bed and my wife was already asleep.

End of Part 3

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