The One: Part 1

by Anonymous

Rhonda was all hot and sweaty after gym class. She walked over to her locker, undressed, grabbed a towel, shampoo and soap then stepped into the shower getting all wet as she soaped up washing those big tits and that hairy pussy.

Most girls who showered in the school gym stepped to the side where at least part of a wall blocked you, but not Rhonda, she stood in the middle so everyone could see her. When her shower was done, she dried off, held the towel in her hand to the side, she wanted to make sure everyone got a good look as she made her way back to her locker.

Sitting on the old wooden bench in their bra and panties was Cassandra and Ann, both freshmen girls, breasts an A cup, not like Rhonda, her breasts were F cup and full. Both girls were amazed by Rhonda.

They heard stories about how well Rhonda was built. Back then everyone use to say even the best built girl in high school was still a high school girl, but Rhonda, since she was a freshman, she was built like a woman.

Teachers and students alike had stepped into the locker room to get a glimpse of Rhonda. Not that they were gay, but Rhonda was an impressive site. Guys wanted her, but she stayed out on the farm, not socializing with the other high school kids except during school hours. Maybe that was part of the intrigue, no one had Rhonda, and thus no one had the stories about her.

Ann was mesmerized by Rhonda. She had discovered which locker was Rhonda’s and chose the locker just beside her. At the time, Cassandra and Ann were not lesbian or bisexual, they were just amazed and mystified by Rhonda.

The stories had been building while in junior high of a woman in a high school body that when they saw her, they might have remembered Rhonda a little more fondly than reality would have shown. It didn’t matter as Rhonda was standing next to Ann who was visibly trembling in excitement.

As Ann glanced up, Rhonda’s hairy pussy was mere inches from her face. She was trying to sneak a look without getting caught. This was the first day of the next two years of gym class. Ann and Cassandra were not friends, but soon became friends as they were the only two to stay in the locker room with Rhonda.

The other girls were so nervous of being compared to Rhonda, most didn’t even change clothes they just sat on the floor of the gym talking as the gym teacher didn’t care what the girls did or did not do, she just marked everyone for an A. Ann was able through connections to get the same gym class her sophomore year as it was Rhonda’s final year of high school.

During their first year together, Rhonda befriended the two underclassmen, Ann and Cassandra. She regularly showered and stood nude beside them talking about anything. By the second year, Ann built up the courage to shower with Rhonda. She felt inferior, but she loved Rhonda’s body.

Rhonda began asking Ann to comb out her wet hair after a shower and Rhonda would return the favor. The second year it was always just those two in the locker room as it was the last period of the day. Ann had a long walk back home, so Rhonda’s dad usually picked her up and soon was giving Ann a ride home.

Because Rhonda’s dad didn’t get her until a half hour after school, the two girls would hang out nude in the locker room until just before her dad was out front then both would dress quickly and jump in the truck.

Rhonda didn’t date any boys at school and Ann had suspicions why that might be the case. Rhonda’s dad drove his old pickup to get them after school, Rhonda sat in the middle and Ann on the outside.

Ann glanced over to see Rhonda’s father’s hand placed inappropriately on her leg near her vagina. Some days he would stroke her leg as he drove. Ann never told anyone, but she knew there must have been something going on at home.

Ann never forgot Rhonda and after school, Rhonda stayed on the farm. She didn’t get married and rarely came to town. Years had passed and Ann no longer thought about Rhonda, until the day Ann, my mom, stopped by my house one evening.

Once I finished high school, I went straight to work for a carpenter. We worked that summer and fall on several projects. Out of work, he laid us all off. Fortunately for me, my best friend’s parents needed their entire garage insulated and finished, inside and out.

This would get me through the winter. I had been working there for about a week. Each day at 9 a.m., Rhonda came over for an hour or more to visit with Linda. They would drink coffee and visit. The last couple of days Linda invited me in to drink coffee with them. I heard of Linda speak about a friend Rhonda over the last few years, but hadn’t seen her up close.

Rhonda was an attractive woman, a little plump, pants so tight they appeared painted on. A plump ass that made me wants to fuck her up the ass there at the kitchen table. And tits, holy shit, her tits were huge. Rhonda wore the first day I saw her button up shirt that was unbuttoned too far. She was showing off her tits. That was nothing compared to that Friday.

Rhonda had on a skin tight top that was low cut. She had more cleavage showing than most women had tits. Each day she wore these high heels and bright red lipstick. Rhonda was already tall and the heels made her almost my height and I am 6’ 3”. I enjoyed looking at her tits and she seemed to like to display them.

When my mom stopped by to ask if I found any work for the winter, I was excited to tell her about my new job. In passing I said, “Linda is so nice, the last two days she invited me for coffee. We sat there drinking coffee and the three of us would visit.”

With a puzzled look, mom asked, “who is the third?” “Her friend Rhonda.” I replied. “WHAT?!? RHONDA DAVIS!!!” Obviously shocked, I nodded my head yes.

“Does she have huge fucking titties?!? Is she tall and beautiful?!?” You need to understand, I have heard my mom cuss maybe half a dozen times, but NEVER did she use the word FUCK. I wasn’t sure, but I guessed she was not using it in a positive way.

Over the next two hours, we sat in my living room as I confirmed it was the same Rhonda. Mom then confessed to me that she loved my dad and has never had a sexual desire for a woman, but Rhonda was a different story.

She confessed the stories I previously mentioned about the locker room and how she wanted Rhonda sexually. Mom ended it with, “don’t get me wrong, I love cock, but if I could live the rest of my days with Rhonda, I would forgo cock.”

For a woman who never showed a sign of being into women, I was stunned. My mother was a goddess. She is tall, thin, beautiful and has an amazing body, so I was mystified she was into women. When I made that statement, she corrected me that she was not into women, just Rhonda.

At that point, she begged me to invite her over so she could see Rhonda. That was easy enough, I told her to come over Tuesday. I would mention to Linda and Rhonda that I asked my mom to see what I had to do the next day. She was so happy and excited, she gave me a little inappropriate kiss on the lips and several hugs.

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