Drunken Brother gets it All

by Maturevter (St Albans, Vermont, Franklin County)

Mom and dad were gone for a couple days, so my brother and I were left alone, he was a ladies man. He and his best friend were out crushing for chicks, with no luck he returns home with half a bottle of liquor. Announcing he was back asking where I was, I replied in the living room watching television.

Entering the room he sits in a chair across the room, looking at me a twinkle sparks in his eyes. Taking a swig from the bottle he starts unbuttoning his shirt removes it and drops it to the floor. He had a nice looking body for a young man, firm toned abs tapering to a slimmer waist. He then reaches to his belt buckle unhooks it and fumbles with the button on his pants.

I ask him what are you doing, he remarks, remember when we got naked in mom and dad's room and you eat my ass and jerked me off? Well now I think it's time to have you satisfy my sexual needs. And what do you think that will be then I asked him, replying I've always reflected back to that day and have tried to get you alone again, so I could have you suck and I could fuck that sweet little ass of yours. I'm impressed It was on your mind all this time, I'm flattered.

He says I have to ask you are you gay, no I reply only when it comes to you, then I'm bi. So you enjoyed it also back then, yes I replied you have the greatest tasting ass possible. Walking over to me, well this is going to be a lot better night than I thought was going to happen. I reach up and staring in his eyes I unbutton his pants and unzip the fly.

His cock head is peaking over the waist band, laughing see he likes you to. I press my mouth to his cock head and lick the salty precum off his cock. Grasping the waistbands I lower his pants and underwear to the floor, stepping out of them he says follow me as he heads to the bedroom. That tight muscular ass make me want to just spread the cheeks and eat until my heart was content. His cock, rock hard was bouncing off his belly.

Getting next to his bed he sits down and tells me to undress, doing so when completely naked he wanted me to turn around so he could see all of what he was going to get. Placing his bottle on the bed stand he stops me from spinning and pulls me to his lap and spreading my ass cheeks, let's his cock slide between my ass cheeks. And what was that for I ask, simple I want you to taste your own ass as you suck me.

Stretching back in his bed he urges me to lay between his legs and eat his nipples. Doing so he wraps his legs around my legs and can now control his pumping into my belly. Slowly pressing his super hard cock into my belly I lick one nipple at a time then suck and nibble on his hardening man nipples.

Moaning and telling me how much he is enjoying our sex play, then unwrapping his legs from mine I slowly lick and kiss down his chest and belly. His cock head is now drilling into my chin, so I adjust and twist my face from side to side feeling a wetness on my cheeks, licking and swallowing the soft cock head into my mouth.

Grasping the cock shaft at the base I kiss and nibble my way down to his ball sack. Now slowly stroking his cock while I suck one ball at a time into my mouth. Then lowering my face into the mattress I lick his asshole. He spreads his legs wider as he pulls his knees up to his shoulders, directing his asshole in my face to feed me all his sweet tasty ass will offer.

After licking and sucking his asshole for several minutes I return to his cock head. Slowly taking his cock into my mouth I press down as far as I can with ease then back up to the cock head. Sucking and stroking him to the edge of his limits I suck him for a long time until he is begging me to finish him off.

Stretching his legs back out his knees are shacking as he grasps my head holding it still and he face fucks me all the while shooting rope after rope of sweet salty cum filling and overflowing my mouth, swallowing as fast as I could he just keep cumming. I didn't think a man could cum that much before it subsides so I could breath and clean up his cock shaft and balls of all the tasty cum. Feeling like a cat cleaning my lips and hand. Crawling up his chest I tease his nipples as his cock hardens again.

Flipping me on my back he sits next to me and starts to stroke my cock, I reach over to him cock and stroke it in return. He speeds up the stroking and I start to shudder as he talks me through cumming and he catches all my cum in his other hand, then after he tells me to roll over and spread my legs. Smearing the cum into my ass crack he rub it in and presses a finger into my tight clenching asshole.

Relax he says it will be a lot easier for you, then he climbs behind me and holds his cock while pressing into my asshole. Moaning in pleasure he inch's inch after inch into my asshole, spreading his thighs to widen my spread he expressed his delight in the snug tight asshole he was feeling.

I'm so glad to be fucking you I never thought I'd have a chance to maybe take your virginity. When he finally bottoms out he is saying he doesn't think he will last long but he would clean up and do me again. You got to be joking I said, just relax it will start feeling better shortly and he was right I was enjoying being fucked by him and begged for more.

I keep saying faster harder deeper then he presses into as far as possible he stopped and came again filling me with his cum then collapsed on me never stopping from slowly pumping into me until he starts to harden again.

Wow he say your ass is so sweet I keep getting hard just wanting more. Now this time he pulls me to my knees and turns on the steam and fucks me hard and fast. Ok now I'm going to stay still and you take over fucking me, so I did as he asked.

This was making my cock stiffen and he reached around and stroked me to keep me excited, after ten or so minutes he started shacking and thrusting as deep as he could and I also started cumming with him. Dam your good I hear as we fall on the bed from exhaustion, I'm going to like having you as my fuck toy he says, as we both fall asleep and the sun is coming up.

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