Finding my Courage

by Alex (U.S.)

After I finished school, I accepted a job in another state. I was doing well and visited home as much as I could. I was noticing that my mom was looking kinda sad. We always had an open relationship, so when I asked her about it, she told me that my dad was having an affair and she was feeling very lonely.

This got my mind racing, as well as a stirring in my cock! Mom was just over 5’ tall, slender body, with firm d cup tits. It had been years since I had caught a glimpse of her naked and she hadn’t changed much.

So, the next day, dad was at work and mom and I had time to relax and talk. Just to ease into the subject, I asked mom if she would be open to some mutual masturbation. She told me that she would think about it and let me know. The good thing was that she was open to the idea.

The next morning, I heard my dad leave for work. About ten minutes later, my bedroom door opened and mom walked in. She was still in her robe, which was normal. Then I got the surprise of my life. She opened her robe (which was all she was wearing) and asked me if my offer was still good.

As she dropped her robe, I was getting out of bed and dropping my shorts. She came over by me and we both sat down on my bed. We were facing each other and admiring each other’s bodies as we started to touch ourselves. She had a small vibrator that she would, occasionally, use on her clit.

After she had cum a few times, she made first contact. She was gently rubbing her pussy lips and reached out, with her other hand, and brushed it over my left nipple. I swear my cock got harder when she did that. I reached out and gently caressed her right tit.

She let out a soft moan while I rubbed and teased her nipple. Then I got even bolder and leaned over and took her nipple in my mouth. She was furiously rubbing her clit and let out low moans while holding my mouth on her tit until she came again.

At this point I repositioned her on the bed and got down between her legs. I started licking my way up and down her sweet pussy lips and teasing her clit. She let me stay there for a few minutes, then she gently took my head in her hands and pulled me up towards her.

As I got further up, she reached down between us and guided my cock to her pussy. As we shared a deep kiss, she pulled me into her. Even tho she was very wet and my cock was fully lubed up, it took a few thrusts to get all the way into her tight pussy.

It didn’t take too long to get into a good rhythm and her cumming on my cock. When her third orgasm hit and her pussy clamped onto my cock, I shot my load deep inside her.

After that day, we were able to get together a few more times. I know that it made us both happier and we did wish we could live closer together so that we could have more frequent “meetings”.

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