My Mother's Gardener

by Francesca Vera (Dallas, TX)

When we lived down in South Texas my mother had an exceptionally large garden. My dad told her to hire someone to help, who could come by once or twice a week, so she did not have to do it all. She hired this young guy; he was small in frame, but really worked hard for my mother. Once they had their routines down, my mother found she could go and do volunteer work at the local hospital, her gardener could take care of the main requirements by himself. One afternoon, I came home early from school.

My mom's car was gone, but I saw the gardener’s bike in the driveway. I walked in as always, thinking he was in the backyard working that piece of the landscape. As I walked towards my room, I heard heel clicks like my mom's when she walked on the tile floor, I went down to her room, there I found the gardener wearing my mother's dress, stockings, heels and wig. I did not recognize him at first, for he was wearing makeup too. I thought it was a woman, I asked who you are; it was not until he spoke that I knew who it was.

I was surprised to say the least. I really looked at him; he did look good I must say. He then asked me not to say anything, that he needed the job, I was about to say just don't wear her clothes anymore, when I had a better idea, I told him well maybe we can work it out, he said I'll do anything you want, I dropped my hands and opened my zipper, I fished inside and pulled out my cock. I stroked it, he knew just what to do, and he kneeled in front of me, and started to suck me.

It felt good, he could deep throat me easily, but I wanted more than this, so I pushed his head back, he looked up with my pre cum hanging from his lips. I pulled him up and lead him to the bed, I had him climb up on all fours, I raised the dress up, under he was wearing stockings, held up by a garter belt, and panties. I rubbed his ass, and then pulled on the panties, exposing his ass; he was clean shaven, no hair on his ass or cock.

I kicked off my shoes, then dropped my pants, slide out of my underwear, my cock was hard as a rock and wanting something to fuck, I climbed behind him, I rubbed my head in his ass crack, working it in slowly, his cheeks opened for me. I found his asshole, I pushed in, but it did not give way. I pushed in hard but he moaned in pain, so I got up and went to the bathroom pulled out the Vaseline, covered my cock well, then went over and rubbed his ass too, letting my finger go in and slide in him some, I then climbed back up, this time it went in fast, I was all the way into my tummy.

He made some noise, I started to pump his ass holding his hips, it felt so good, I reached around and under and found his cock, it was hard, so I stroked it, I could feel the cum building up in me, his cock and balls were getting tight too. I started to shoot in his ass, I came so hard I shook, then his cock let loose, I felt the cum oozing out of him, going straight into the dress, once I was done, I pulled out, my cock was coved in cum and his ass juice, I rubbed it on him.

I got up and went to clean myself, when I returned, he was sitting on the bed with his cock exposed hanging in front of him, I dropped to my knees and sucked on it, tasting his cum. I sucked his balls, as I did, he got hard again, I kept sucking and stroking him, he came in my mouth. I loved it. After that I sent him into the bathroom to wash himself. I told him to put all the clothes away before my mother came home. We forgot about the cum stains in the dress.

For the next couple of weeks, I would try to know if my mother was going out in the afternoon, then I would go home, and find my new lady dressed waiting for me, it got to the point that I didn't need to use Vaseline to fuck her. All my mother clothes fit her exactly right; I loved her in one of the night gowns. Well on a Saturday, my mother came into my room with a strange look on her face. She said I know you are 18, and that you are enjoying many of life’s pleasures, but I must ask, are you wearing my clothes.

I told her no I wasn't which I was, I had learned to wear her clothes and enjoy the feeling of it too. But then she showed me her dress with the stains on it. She asked if this was my sperm, I said yes, she then told me she understands that young men find their mother's sexually attractive. She then asked me again are you wearing my clothes, because I have noticed that some items are moved around on me, and a few panties have had stains too.

So, are you into women’s clothes, I told her no, but then she said so who is wearing them? I figured I might as well tell her part of it. I told her about the gardener wearing her clothes and how I found him, and how he blew me to keep quiet about it. I did not tell her I was banging him every chance I got, she said OK I'll take care of this. That Monday he came as always, but this time my mother was waiting for him, she had parked her car a couple streets away.

He came in and went right to her room and got dressed, she walked in as he was done placing the makeup on, expecting me, he didn't think about the footsteps walking down the hall, well she had a long talk with him, by the time they finished, she knew it all. I came home not knowing what had happen, until she walked into my room, holding a garter belt, stockings, bra, panties ,and a dress, she told me put these on now, she stood there as I did so.

She took me to her room, put on the wig, then the makeup, I looked just like her, she went into the bathroom and got the Vaseline out, she put some on her fingers, then told me to bend over, pulled on the panties to one side then went into my ass, stroking it, so this is what you like, well you can be a woman here at home every day from now on. I hadn't notice but I had gotten a hard on from her pumping my ass, she saw it, and grabbed it, now be a woman, she moved away, and from her night stand she pulled out a 7" long dildo.

Then told me lie on the bed, she went right for my ass, and fucked me hard, but I loved it. I pumped my ass to her hand, she reached under and grabbed my balls, you really like this, and so she left it in me, then had me roll over my cock was poking through the panties. She pulled them down and cock came to life, she stroked it, I shot my load landing all over the place, her hand was still stroking me, so you are a woman, you like to be treated like a woman.

She got up, pulled the dress over her head, unsnapped her bra, then took off her panties, I hadn't seen her naked ever, she stood in front of me, and said this is a woman, I have tits, a pussy, and have babies. you are a homo, my cock got hard looking at her, she saw it, then said well let's see if we can make a man out of you, she climbed into bed, and took my cock in her hand, I had cum all over me, but she just kept going, then took me in her mouth, dam she sucked good, then she moved up and climbed on me, lowering her pussy onto my cock, now fuck this real woman.

She felt so good. She lowered her chest, suck my tits, I did so, I felt the cum building, I shot my load into her, she rode me until I was done, then she, moved up, squatted just above my chest and emptied herself on me. Then she said you are a man, you fuck women, not men, and I will give you pussy if that is what it takes. I fired him; he won't be back. Now come shower with me, and you can start when we come out by sucking my pussy, instead of sucking cock like women.

My mother and I kept fucking for nearly 3 years, until I went off to college, I still suck cocks, but I have fucked a lot of pussy now too. I still see my mother every so often, I ask her and say well are you still going give me your pussy, she always takes me into the bedroom. I have a large collection of women’s clothes and have had sex with both men and women while dressed up. I just do not have the heart to tell my mother.

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