Milk, Bread and Mom

by Anonymous

I had just graduated high school and was working at a place about 5 minutes from home. My Mom has called and asked that I bring home milk and bread during my lunch break. I thought it was a strange request that it couldn’t wait until after work but did it anyway.

I got home around 10 minutes after noon and the place was quiet, my stepdad was at work and younger brothers and sisters all at school. I called out announcing my arrival and my mother answered from up stairs, as I turned the corner and looked up, she was walking out of the bathroom wrapped in a too small towel.

Still having bread and milk in hand, she thanked me and walked into her bedroom and did not shut the door. I started to wonder if this was a planned game or something. I put the bread away, milk in the refrigerator and headed up to her bed room.

As I walk in, she was wearing a bra and underwear. I admired the view. She had large tits(double Ds, every boy learns their moms bra size), that stuck out in the full coverage white bra, long curly black hair and was wearing tan underwear that displayed her apple shaped ass.

She played surprised that I was there and said something about the only reason I was there was to see her in her underwear, to which I replied that she left the door open and needed to be faster next time.

A little grin came across her face and she told me that I was too late, she was already covered up and that she would not take them off. Feeling up to the task, I said that I could. She just stood there, facing me and didn’t say a word.

I walked to her, face to face, wrapped my arms around her and unhooked her bra. Her tits flopped out as I pulled it from her shoulders. Her nipples stuck out proud as did the little bumps around her areola.

Before I could bend over to suck on them, she grabbed my head and kissed me hard. It felt strange to swap tongues with my mother, not bad but definitely different.

As the kiss ended, I went to work on those tits, I had seen them of a few occasions but this was something else, actually sucking from one to the other. She made little noises as I sucked and my hands worked their way down to her ass.

With a bit of help, her underwear dropped to the floor. I spun her around and pushed her onto the bed, and her legs opened for me. I jumped at the opportunity and my face was in her pussy within a second.

She must have trimmed her pussy hair for the day because she had less than my girlfriend. As I started to eat her out, she moaned and her hips buckled. It wasn’t long before she had handfuls of my hair and was grinding on my face, then she came and went limp.

I was still dressed and really needed relief, so I took the downtime to remove my clothes, climbed on the bed and presented my cock to her face. She took it in her mouth with no hesitation and started sucking.

I mounted her and started to 69. It wasn’t long before I began to face fuck her and was amazed that she could take almost all of it, not that she had an option.

I was humping her mouth for all it was worth. I deposited the load in the back of her throat and climbed off. Exhausted, we both got dressed and as I headed back to work she told me, “Next time, buy condoms too.”

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