A Special Bond

by Snsjavagwy ajvayabsba (Albany, NY, USA)

As the two continued to fuck they both knew it was meant to be, mother and son, a match made in sexual heaven

Glen and his mom have been fucking for about 2 months after the divorce and then knew it was meant to be.

As Glen went past his mom's room her door was open a crack, he looked in and only to find his hot mom standing there naked, with her longish brown hair, her perfect tan and the most gorgeous body he's ever seen.

He knocked on the door and his mom didn't hesitate to say come in. It was just the two of them living there at that time. He walked in and said "My god mom, u have the sexist body I've ever seen" he said that as his mom bites her lip.

"Well son, I keep it like that just for you, now get over here and give it to me."

And before she could barely finish her sentence he came over and started passionately kissing her. Then while still kissing her he slightly messed with her breasts and gently glided his hands down her body then moved lightly down to her ass slapping it. Then he met her vagina. He started gently rubbing her clit and then got faster and faster. She would moan in-between kisses pretty loudly.

Then they stopped, and they got in the bed. He laid her down near the edge of the bed got on his knees and started licking her pussy. She started to moan really loud and be got faster and faster. Then he stopped and then glided his two fingers inside of his mom's wet pussy, she did her sweet moans that were music to glens ears. He went faster and faster in and out if his mom's pussy, curling his finger to make sure he gets the g spot, and resting that several times. In and out in and out and stopped just before she started to climax.

Glen stood up as his mom got out of bed and kneeled in front of him. She grabbed a hold of his big hard cock and put her mouth on it, in and out of her mouth his cock went, him giving little thrusting motions.

Then he picked her up in his arms like a little baby and set her on the edge of the bed. He rubbed his hard boner on the edge of her lips and put his cock just in the lips and played with the clit. Then put his cock just at the edge of her opening and teased her just putting a little in at a time. Then her made a full thrusting motion inside of her and she made the sweetest moan ever.

In and out in and out of her vagina with his manly cock. As his mom is moaning and breathing heavily as she is experiencing one of the best sex she's ever had. All the large thrusting motions turn to little ones and then big ones again. As she moans faster and faster, she starts to climax.

She reaches down to her vagina and starts to rub her clit and fuck her. Her moans get faster and so does her breath. Then Glen pulls out as she squirts all over him. He leans down and licks all the cum on her that she has made. Then he puts his boner in her vagina and makes big thrusting motions until he spills his load all in her.

She makes a huge grin to her son and he gives one right to her. He falls by her side and they both lay there amazed from the most amazing sex they have ever had with each other.

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