The Mom Surprise

by Lacey (OR)

Eric walked in through the backdoor of his mom’s house and into the kitchen, where she was standing naked having a mug of coffee.

“Oh!” Eric said, surprised.

His mom looked just as surprised. She grinned a bit modestly. “I wasn’t expecting you … obviously,” she said.

“Um … I can come back later,” Eric said, trying to be discreet about his unexpected arrival.

“No. That’s okay. You’ve seen me naked now,” she said, not looking particularly embarrassed, about it. "Want some coffee?”

“Um … okay.” Eric grinned and laughed. “Do I have to be naked, too?”

His mom laughed, too. “If you want to be.” She gave him a teasing grin. “That could be fun.” Then being practical about it she added, “I mean, there’s no one to see us.”

“It could be embarrassing is someone did.”

“Well, some things between a mother and son should be private. But like I said … no one will see us."

Working his courage Eric went ahead and got undressed. They had never been naked together before, and it was interesting for the two of them to suddenly be that way together. It felt nice and sort of free.

She poured him a mug of coffee and he took it and they stood there together drinking it.

After a minute, and in spite of his best efforts, Eric felt himself starting to get an erection. As self-conscious as he felt about having this happen, it was also exciting to be getting a boner like that in front of his own mom, and that just made it all the more impossible to try and prevent it, and encouraged it to become enormously erect.

“Ooo … that looks promising,” his mother teased.

They both grinned. Setting down their mugs they did a naked embrace and a small kiss on the lips. Eric felt the bare fullness of his mom’s breasts against his chest, and down below she felt his stiff organ pushing upward.

“Maybe we’d be more comfortable in the living room,” she suggested.

They walked from the kitchen and into the living room. His mom sat on the sofa and leaned back against the cushions and looked up at him in a somewhat expectant manner. Eric sat and they did another small kiss, and almost effortlessly Eric found himself on top of his mom, pushing his hard penis into her vagina.

Ohhh … that feels nice,” she said and closed her eyes.

Eric could not believe that he actually was doing this with his mom, that he had his erection in her vagina. It was just all so easy and effortless.

“Oh, Eric, that feels good,” she said breathlessly.

It did feel good for Eric too, as he felt his hard penis sliding in and out of her soft, wet vagina.

“Oh, mom …” he breathed back. “Is it … is it okay if I come in you?”

“Uh-huh,” she said. “You can come in me. That would be nice.” She gasped a little. “Oooo … Ooo … Ooo…” she moaned a she started to have an orgasm, not expecting it to come so soon. It was mild but so enjoyable. “Oh, yes …”

It took Eric a moment to realize that his mom was coming. It was exciting to see her climaxing.

“Ohhhhh …. Ohhhhh …” she sighed.

In the next moment Eric found himself ejaculating in his mom, his erection throbbing wetly in her vagina as his semen pulsed out again and again. I was incredible doing this with his mom, to be nakedly taking his penis all the way in her.

“Oh … Oh … Oh … Oh…” he groaned as his male organ was being reproductively satisfied.

A blissful moment for both of them followed.

His mom opened her eyes and gave him something of a self-conscious grin. “I never thought I’d be doing this with my own son.”

“I never thought I’d be doing this with my own mom,” Eric confessed.

"But is so nice, though,” she said. “So special.”

“Yes,” Eric agreed, thinking that it was.

She smiled just a bit mischievously. “But now that we have …”

Eric smiled back. Now that they had, there was no reason for them not to continue to enjoy this together.

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