Keeping My Family Happy

by Nader Alwan (Riyadh, SA)

I am 25 years old male, not married, living with my parents, my two daughters and one brother, I forgot to tell you my name, they call me ANTONY, my uncle is also called ANTONY.

We live in a large villa, I have my own room, my two sisters live in one room, i am the oldest among my sisters and brother.

Dad and mom were married very young, mom was 18 yrs old, dad was 2 years older, when any one sees me with mom or dad they thinks we are siblings, they have open mind, raising us in a simple life style with less restrictions.

Mom decided to leave her job to take care of us, dad was making good money from his private business as a fashion designer, mom used to help him in his job by being a model for his designs.

As part of her job, she make shows for dad clients, this includes under wears, short dresses, open front dresses, mom used to let me watch all types of shows, I saw her changing dresses and panties.

Dad was not against his wife to stand totally naked in front of special clients, when my sisters turned 18 yrs, dad allowed them to make fashion shows to a very limited clients, to dress and undress in front of them.

Myself and my brother were also part of the boxers and swimming suits shows, we stood naked as dad asked us to do, I was enjoying these shows, especially when clients come behind me to test the material, I still remember when one client put his hand inside my boxer pretending that he is testing the material from inside.

Our shows were weekly, but each week has different taste and different clients, special clients normally stay longer time with us after the show, dad and mom were giving them the chance to take off their clothes and dance naked, then they start an orgy, maximum not allowed was four men they share dad in fucking my mom and two sisters, sometimes me and my brother.

Everybody was happy in this game, each week we have new group, from this show dad was able to increase his business, he brought sexy models to attract his clients, we did our best to keep dad and mom happy.

I was not in real need for marriage because I was having all the satisfaction from mom and two sisters, with them I tried all types of sex anytime I like and any where I want, mouth, assholes and pussies, I even had fun with my brother.

Nothing is better than living with an open mind family.

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