Brotherly Love: Part 1

by Dylan Fox (NY)

I reached up and rubbed his big bulge! I liked it so I squeezed it and it swelled larger and harder!

He said, “So, you like that do you? How would you like to kiss it for me? Would you like to do that?” I hesitated, laughed, and said “No.”

He said, “I think you would! Go ahead and undo my belt, unbutton my pants, and pull it out!”

I started to get up off my knees and he said, “No, don’t get up. You are in the perfect position to see it, touch it, and kiss it! Go ahead.”

I was nervous but curious at the same time. “You won’t tell anyone will you?”

“I’m going to tell all your friends that you sucked it and told me you loved it and want to suck it all the time if you don’t take it out right now and kiss it!” As frightened as I was, it excited me at the same time. “Okay, okay, I’ll take it out and kiss it."

I undid his belt and pants and pulled them down below his knees. I pulled his underwear down and his big cock swung out from side to side then settled into a steady bob. I was excited in the pit of my stomach!

“WOW! Your cock is so big and so hard!” I wrapped a hand around the rockhard shaft and squeezed! I stared with my mouth open and began to drool. I leaned in and kissed his big, fat, swollen circumcised cockhead! I said, “Is that okay?”

He said, “No, you need to take the whole head into your mouth! Don’t worry you’re going to love it! Go ahead!”

I opened my mouth wider and slid my sloppy wet lips over his cockhead and instinctively flicked my tongue rapidly back and forth on the underside of his cockhead where the shaft meets the head and forms a “V”!

“Take more cockmeat into your mouth and suck on it!”

I took more cock shaft into my mouth and began to whimper as I sucked on his big cock! “MMMMMM, SLURP, MMMMMM, SLURP, MMMMMM, SLURP, MMMMMM, SLURP,” AS I SUCKED ON HIS COCKMEAT!

“Oh baby what a good cocksucker you are! I knew you would love it!”

I loved being complimented by my big brother and I sucked with even more enthusiasm! I felt wonderful there on my knees with his big cock in my mouth! I wanted to please my big brother! I got his big cock all sloppy wet and the sucking, slurping sounds mixed with moans and whimpers as I sucked!

After I sucked for some time his cockmeat swelled larger, turned much harder, jerked, convulsed, and spit gobs of a creamy, white juice that I called cockjuice into my mouth! There was so much that it overflowed from my mouth onto my face, lips, and chin!

His hand was on the back of my head so I couldn’t pull off and had to swallow some and drench his big cock in a lot of it! He ordered me to keep sucking so I did! Before long, his cock stiffened again and more cockjuice spilled out and again he held the back of my head until his cock waned and the cocksauce subsided!

We waited a while, but I sucked his big cock two more times that night! I felt elated that I could suck, and he liked it so much! He said, “You are my cocksucker now! You should be proud!”

I beamed a smile and said, “Thank you. I really like to suck your big cock! You want me to suck it again? Please, can I suck your big cock again? Please?”

He let me suck his big cock for the next three and a half years every day and every night! This was true brotherly love!

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