Mom Makes It Better

by Calvin (Hampton, VA)

I am 18 and my sister is 20. I got my sister angry at me, instead of hitting me or throwing something at me she kicked me full force in the groin.

As soon as her foot hit my groin I fell to the floor screaming. My mom came running to see what happened. I was in so much pain to say what happened so my sister said what she did.

My mom got me up helped me to my room. You know I am going to have to see it. I just nodded yes.

My mom pulled my jeans down then my boxers. My cock plopped out and my mom took it in her hands.

She began feeling it to see if anything was wrong with it. Then one hand started feeling my ball sack to make sure that was ok too.

All the touch by my mom caused it to get erect. She looked up at me, seems like it is working just fine. I smiled a little.

Mom then did something that I never expected she took my cock in mouth. She worked it and played with my balls. It was my first blow job and it was amazing.

Every time mom sucked it I thought she was trying to suck my nuts through my cock.

Mom sucked it and slowly stroked it at the same time. I felt it was near the point of no return. Mom, I am going to cum. She sucked it even harder.

Next thing you know I was blowing my load down my mom’s throat. She sucked me dry without wasting a drop.

Mom looked at me, guess it works fine. Mom that was amazing it was my first. She licked her lips smiled and said it surely won’t be the last.

A Boy's Accident
Cheven (MN)

That afternoon it started raining and by the time I got home I was soaked. I came into the house by the backdoor and into the kitchen.

My mom saw me dripping wet, and she guided me into the laundry room and told me to take off my things and she would throw them into the dryer.

Well, I took off my sneakers and started to pull off my wet cloths, starting with my t-shirt and then my jeans, which I handed to her and she tossed into the dryer.

I was down to my underwear which was just as soaked, and she said for me to give her everything.

So I modestly took my underwear off too, and she gave me a hand towel from some freshly laundered ones that were right there. It wasn’t big enough for me to cover up with, but enough for me to towel my wet hair with.

As I stood there drying my hair I started to get an erection. There was nothing that I could do to keep it from happening, and being head to toe naked there was no way for me to hide that.

It just happened and my penis pushed stiffly up very quickly. I didn’t know what to do and I of course felt embarrassed.

My mom noticed and she just smiled at the sight of my arousal, looking amused to see that.

It was sort of funny, because even as embarrassed as I was, having a boner in front of my mom like that was exciting and that just made my erection even more pronounced to the point where it was straining.

My mom quipped about that being a hard one, and suddenly I ejaculated. It caught me completely by surprise, and all I could do was to stand there while it happened and my male-liquid squirted out in these uncontrollably pulses.

When it finished my mom remarked on how that probably felt good, and she handed me a paper towel to dab my wet excess up with. I was so embarrassed, but it was like the most thrilling experience having that all happen right there in front of my mom.

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