The Mom and Son Fun

by Ken (WA)

Kayla and Jon were both smiling and laughing as they were naked together on her bed that afternoon. It was so much fun to fuck and be doing that as mother and son.

This hardly surprising, of course, and something that was becoming much more common as so many divorced moms and their sons were discovering the fun and joys of doing together. It was just something that was so basic and easy to participate in, and rewardingly significant both sexually and emotionally.

His mom had short dark hair and was cute, and after being divorced from his father a year ago, it was like she had re-discovered herself and was ready to start enjoying life. Jon was twenty-two and living on his own, but they had a great time when they got together.

The idea of the two of them being intimate had not seemed wrong or immoral, as some people might have thought, but simply like something that had both felt like doing.

Of course they were naturally discreet about this side of their relationship, but when he came over to her house they delighted in being naked together and having sex and making love because it was such a wonderful thing to do.

Jon was not at all embarrassed about the erection that he had, enjoying letting his mom see that and to show his response to her, just as she felt free in exhibiting her playful naked desires to him.

They kissed affectionately on the lips and they both laughed, and she let herself be pushed gently back on the bed, as Jon took a hold of his stiff erection and proceeded to insert it into her hairy vagina.

“Oooo!” she cooed happily as he entered her. “It’s so nice doing this with my son.”

“It’s nice doing it with my mom,” Jon told her, smiling. Then being somewhat more serious he said, “I like being in you.”

“I like having you in me.”

They kissed some more, as they both savored the intimacy of doing this with his penis in her vagina.

“You know,” she confessed, “I never enjoyed fucking this much before. It’s just doing it with you makes it so special.” She grinned teasingly. “Now I just want to fuck all the time.”

“We do fuck all the time,” Jon said and laughed, too. It was amusing to be able to talk about this with each other, as mother and son, in such an open and fun way. He grinned as well. “And I’m fucking you right now.”

“I know,” Kayla said, feeling his maleness in her. Then, motivated to be more sexual she said, “I love how your dick feels in me. So nice and hard.”

“You’re making it hard.”

“I’m glad that I can. I’m glad that I can give you a boner and take care of it for you.”

“I want to make you come,” he said.

“You will. You always do. I never have any problem with that. Not with you. In fact …” she breathed, “I’m already half way there.”

Jon applied his erection sensuously to his mom to further arouse her.

She closed her eyes and put her had back on the pillow. “Oh, yes … just keep doing that …”

Jon kept his penis moving easily and rhythmically in and out of her well lubricated and now thoroughly familiar vagina.

Mmm … it’s just feels so good to fuck you, mom.”

“Ohhhh …” she murmured under her breath, liking him telling her such things.

“Is your clit getting big?” he teased.

“Oh, yes …” she panted. “Oh, it’s so big and so hard!”

“Is it as big and hard as my dick?”

“Oh, yes!. Oh … please make me cum! Make me cum!”

Jon fucked his mom diligently until suddenly she was having an orgasm.

“Oh, yes … yes … “she breathed. Her climaxing was not sharp and intense as it sometimes was, but rather it happened slowly and was so fulfilling. She laid there and could only moan. “Oooo … Ooooooo.”

Finally she opened her eyes and looked up at him and gave him satisfied look.

Jon went ahead and took his penis all the way in her, letting his semen throbbed into her with gratifying well measured pulses. He was still looking at her when he came, telling her just how much he was loving doing this with her. As much as she was with him.

There was just nothing more special than for a mother to feel her son making her climax, or for a son to ejaculate in his own moms’ vagina. The bond between them made this unique to experience. With their sexual urge shared, they continued to be nakedly loving and enjoying it.

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