Helen and her Dad

by Sam Franks (Perth, WA , Australia)

My wife was thin with a good set of breasts and was aged 30 years and had her pussy lips shaved and we were practicing nudists. I had a 8 inch cock which gave her regular squirting orgasms and she was highly sexed and masturbate at least twice a day.

One day we decided to go to a nude beach at the north coast and we stay at a motel near the beach for a week. We got up there on Saturday morning and Helen got into a skimpy bikini and we went to the nude beach.

As we got onto the beach Helen removed her bikini and her nipples were hard and she smiled and said she was horny at the men purving at her and she could check out the blokes juicy cock and have vision when she masturbates.

We were there for an hour and we walked to the water and we froze as her dad was walking out of the water and I blushed as I seen his massive manhood. We talked and I noticed my wife was staring at her father's manhood and her nipples were rock hard as her dad noticed her looking as well.

We got dressed and went and had some late lunch and Helen was wearing her small bikini and blokes were walking past us and looking at her smoking body.

We went back to our unit with Helen's father with us and we had showers and as helen father had his shower she asked me if i would be ok if she took her dad's cock inside her tonight and I was ok with this and she also asked me if I could video taped the sex and I moaned yes.

We went to the RSL for dinner and Helen wore a dark blue dress with plunging neck line to her stomach and all the blokes were admiring her steaming hot body including her dad.

We got back to her father house and Helen quickly undressed and when her dad seen her naked he undressed as well. We sat and had a cuppa and Helen's father stood up and he had a massive hard on.

His erection was 11 inches long and 4 inches diameters and Helen admired his erection and I have never seen her nipples that rock hard.helen asked her dad if she could take his erected manhood and as he admired her naked hot body he moaned God yes.

As I grabbed the video recorder her dad sat on the lounge chair and Helen sat on his lap facing him with a massive cock in front of her and by then I had started to tape them.

Helen's dad was licking and sucking her nipples as she moaned for a few minutes and helen then raised herself up and as she got his purple headed cock inside her wet and stretched vagina she dropped her head onto his shoulder as she shuddered through a massive squirting orgasm like never before.

Over the next three hours Helen had 27 massive squirting orgasms and her dad unleashed four massive squirting orgasms inside his daughter.

End of part one

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