Near Miss

by Jake (Georgia)

When I was 18 my Dad worked the night shift. MY Mom and I got in the habit of watching TV in her bed till she would fall asleep or I would go to my bed.

My Mom was a good looking Irish girl with green eyes that melted me when she looked into my eyes. She had perfect breasts and a nice body and super legs.

I knew it was wrong to think about your Mom in a sexual way but I consoled myself that if she didn't know, it was ok.

I would lay in bed with her feeling the heat of her body as we watched TV. I would fondle my cock secretly as I fantasized about her.

Then there were a couple of nights that she would have a bit too much wine and she would really fall asleep hard. I started off shaking her arm or her shoulder trying to wake her. On those particular nights she was hard asleep.

I took a chance the first time by allowing my hand to slide down her side, over her hips nd along her leg. No reaction.

I was afraid to go further. I began to push the wine on her. I would ask her if she wanted a drink to get her started early. I would fill her glass for her. I would wait, totally excited about the possibility of doing something with her. I had no idea what.

Then there came that night when she had started the wine early and she was fast asleep within a hour of going to bed. I waited and made my move.

I took her shoulder and gently pulled her over on her back. I started sliding my hand around on her breasts. I took my penis in my other hand and was pulling it.

I slipped my hand in the top of her nightgown and felt her bare breasts and her nipples. I fondled her nipples, exploring my first contact with female body.

She was making little moaning sounds. Sort of whimpering. I loved the fact that I was making her feel good. I became more aggressive. I slid my hand down her body till I was touching between her legs.

When I touched her mound she jerked and her hand covered mine. I was caught. She called out my name and asked me what I was doing.

I was scared and kept very quiet pretending that I was asleep. No deal. I realized one thing. She had not moved my hand. I could still feel her mound under my fingers.

Then it happened. She began to move my hand around. She was using my hand to do herself. I just lay there still pretending to be asleep, trying to figure out what was going on.

She dropped my hand and pushed me over on my back. I felt her fingers searching in the opening of my shorts. She gently pulled my penis out and started jerking me off. I blew my load immediately. I was totally wiped out.

She whispered, "Next time asks" now go to bed.

It was the beginning of our incestuous relationship that lasted about four years. Never actual screwing. Always fondling each other to climax.

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