I Fucked My Step Daughter

by Robbie H (Arizona)

I had just gotten home from a long day work, I was tired and headed straight to my room, as I walked by stepdaughter`s room her door was open and I noticed her panties were laying on the floor.

I walked into her room picked it up so I could put her panty in the laundry hamper when I smelled a familiar scent of pussy, it smelled so sweet she must of just left and changed her clothes as her bra and clothes were on her bed.

Her panties was still moist and a bit wet from her wearing them all day and I couldn`t help myself but started sniffing her panty.

I sat on my stepdaughters bed sniffing her sweet moist panty, pulled out my cock and started stroking it, I softly moaned her name "Ohhhhhh Kyler you smell so good"

I lost sense of what I doing as I was so into the pussy scent on my stepdaughter`s panties when I heard "OMG Daddy what are doing?" not realizing Kyler had come home she stood in shock as I held her panty in my nose and held my cock in my other hand.

I dropped her pant, put my hard cock back into my pants got up embarrassed that my stepdaughter caught me sniffing her panty and masturbating walk past her and went to my room.

Kyler surprisingly walked into my room, she had that look in her eyes, it was as if she was turned on by what she saw, she walked over to me as I was sitting in bed ashamed of what I done.

She just stood in front of me then she shockingly said "daddy did you like how my panty smelled?"

I looked up at her disgusted with myself even though she was not my daughter, I have raised her since I married her mother, all I could say to her was "baby I`m sorry, I don`t know what got into me"

She looked me straight in the eyes, grabbed my hand guided it between her legs and said "is this what you want daddy, mommy won`t be home for another hour and a half, do you want your stepdaughters pussy daddy bc if you do it`s all yours"

I couldn`t believe what I was hearing, then Kyler slowly moved back remove her clothes walked over to me pulled my cock out and started sucking on it.

At first, I said to her "no stop this is wrong"

She wouldn`t stop sucking my cock, I finally submitted to temptation and let her suck my cock, she then got up layed on my bed, spread her legs put her fingers between her pussy lips said to me "look daddy my pussy is so wet, it tastes better than it smell"

I buried my face between her legs and started licking on that sweet, young, moist, shaven pussy, OMG it did taste better than it smelled.

As I licked my daughters pussy she kept screaming "DON`T STOP DADDY, DON`T STOP, MAKE ME CUM DADDY, PLEASE MAKE YOUR LIL GIRL CUM"

When she finally came, I licked all her sweet juice from her soaking wet pussy, she was moaning then said "Fuck me daddy."

I got on top of her slowly put the tip of my cock inside her pussy, she moaned and said "give it to me daddy, please stick all of your cock inside of me."

Though Kyler was sexually active with her bf she was still tight as I shove all of my cock deep inside her pussy, she squirmed as I starting fucking her hard, Kyler squeezed her tight pussy on my cock as she screamed "YES, YES, YES, FUCK ME DADDY, FUCK ME HARDER, OOHHHHHH DADDY YESSSSSSS, DON`T STOP DON`T STOP PLEASE, HARDER DADDY FUCK ME HARDER"

I couldn`t believe my baby girl was wild in bed, she was more wilder than her own mother, I was fucking her pussy for nearly 10 minutes or so when I told her I was about to cum.

I wanted to pull out but she wrapped her legs around my waist, squeezed her pussy hard on my cock and softly moaned to me "cum inside of me daddy, cum inside of your babygirl"

I exploded with a huge load inside of her pussy, I laid on top of her my cock still inside of her as we kissed passionately, she then whispered in my ear "daddy please don`t pull your cock out, leave it inside of me, i want daddy`s cock to stay inside of me forever."

Needless to say after that night we carried that forbidden act everytime we got the chance, I would fuck Kyler more than her mom, Kyler has brought a few of her friends over when we have our quality time, I enjoy fucking my stepdaughter but most of all I enjoy watching Kyler and her friends having lesbian sex.

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