My Drunk Mom (Sue)

by Chris (Minnesota)

I did call Sue, just as Mom asked that day. I wasn't sure how to broach the subject though, so I invited her to the drive in that night.

Sue was my age (18), and the wildest woman I'd ever met. The first day we got to talking, she was wearing the smallest bikini I'd ever seen. How that top held those 38DDs in, I never knew. All I knew was I was going to do my best to fuck her, and I did.

I told her we were going to the drive in, and asked her to wear that bikini again. She gladly agreed, knowing it would be off right after we arrived. I had a surprise that evening for her though.

Instead of the regular drive in, I took her to the one a couple of towns over that ran hard core porn. They ran classics now and then, and that night "Taboo American Style" was showing. That was one of my favorites, and I knew it would be a great way to judge her willingness.

As the movie started, she looked at me. "Is there a plot to this, or does everyone just fuck?"

"There's actually a plot. See all those people? They're family. And yes, they're going to fuck."

She raised an eyebrow. "It's an incest movie? Cool!"

Her eyes were fixed on the screen after that. Watching her, I could see those amazing nipples tenting the front of the skimpy bikini she had on. I could tell she was getting into it. "Enjoying the movie?"

Sue nodded. "I never told you this, but do you know who I lost my virginity to?"

This had to be good. I actually didn't, so I shook my head no.

"My big brother. It was the night of my 18th birthday. I'd wanted him for a long time, so I left my door slightly open while I stripped for bed. Right after I got in between the sheets, he walked in with a huge tent in his pajama bottoms."

Just picturing that had me showing off my huge tent in the shorts I was wearing. She smiled and placed her soft hand on my cock. Rubbing it gently she asked, "Wanna know what we did?"

"God yes!"

"Everything! I swallowed his cum, then he spread my legs and fucked me to my first orgasm. The first one with a real cock anyway."

"So you like incest then?"

"I love it! You should feel how wet I am right now!"

I was going to, but I figured this was the right time.

"Then I've got a question for you. You know my Mom don't you?"

Sue nodded. She should have. She'd been over enough times to get to know her.

"What would you say if I told you I'd fucked her?"

I swear she almost had an orgasm right there. Her eyes were wide as she said, "Really? Did you really do your Mom?"

I nodded. "It gets more interesting than that. It turns out Mom likes women too."

"Oh my God!" Her hands frantically undid my belt and unzipped my shorts. "Are you about to ask me something?"

"I am." I watched her stroke my cock. "Would you be interested in a threesome with my Mom and me?"

Sue dropped her top and scrambled over, taking my cock down her throat in one easy stroke. After making my cock disappear a few times like that, her head popped up.

"Fuck yes! You're Mom's really hot!"

She swallowed me again, and my hand went to her head, guiding that hot mouth up and down my shaft. She needed no warning, so when I was ready, I shot my load down her throat. I watched her gulp it down, and true to form she kept sucking until I was ready again.

She whipped off those tiny bottoms then, laying back on the seat her legs spread wide.

"Fuck me Chris!"

I did just that, fucking that hot pussy like there was no tomorrow. My head was next to her ear, so I whispered, "Your ready to taste my Mom's pussy?"

"Fuck yes!"

"Want to feel her tongue in you?"

"God yes! I want her to make me cum?"

"What else do you want?"

"I want to see you fucking her. Just like you're doing to me."

I was up for that, but first I had another pussy to satisfy. When the time came, Sue reached around and grabbed my ass.

"Cum in me Chris! Fill me up!"

I did, watching her body thrash as she felt that hot sticky cum flooding her. After we'd both stopped moving, I leaned over and kissed those incredible nipples. Sue gasped, and I realized it was time.

Pulling out I told her, "Get dressed. Let's go to my house."

She was scrambling into her bikini as we pulled out of the drive in, giving several people a great show and we passed them. She buckled in next to me for the ride home, toying with my cock. That was only fair; I was playing with her toys as we drove.

Mom's bedroom light was on when we got there. I had Sue wait as I went up to tell Mom the good news.

Opening her door, I saw Mom naked on her bed.

"Hey Chris."

"Hi Mom. I've got a surprise for you. I brought Sue home with me."

Mom took a deep breath then smiled.

"Bring her up. Let's have some fun."

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