Sister, Brother Room Mates

by Denise (Ballwin, MO)

My Brother and I grew up close. We are only 18 months apart in age. As teenagers our bedrooms were in the basement with a shared full restroom and a walkout door. Our parents worked evenings so after school we had the house to ourselves until around 1am. We got high on weed nightly and as we got in our later teens we occasionally ate mushrooms and tripped on acid.

It was not unusual for him to wear his bikini underwear (70s) and me a t-shirt and a thong. Once in a while, usually while on mushrooms or acid we would get horny and masturbate in front of each other. I secretly loved watching him stroke his penis. It was 8" and thick with bulging veins. I had only had sex with 1 other guy. His penis was no bigger than 5". I knew that Ben, my brother liked watching me too. I was 5'2" and weighed 106 lbs. Small but perky with nipples that stood out.

Anyway I got married at 20. Ben got his own 1 bedroom apartment. It was small but furnished really nice. He just moved in a month earlier & I hadn't seen it yet. I left my husband after 2 years. I needed a place to live and called Ben. He immediately picked me and a few belongings up. We got to his place on a Friday evening around 8pm. I asked him if I could take a bath and then would tell him why I left my husband. He said he would fix something to munch on, roll a doobie and open a bottle of wine.

I couldn't believe how nice his restroom was. The tub was a Jacuzzi & huge. I called him in to show me how it worked. He asked if I packed anything for bed. I told him I didn't think too. He said no problem. Like old days. He'd give me a t-shirt and he'd wear his boxers. I again was secretly happy with this arrangement. It had been a couple of years since we were alone. I got in the tub and relaxed. Ben walked back in and said to wear the shirt he brought in.

He he had only his boxer's on. He told me the joint and wine was ready and left. I finished and dried off. I picked up the shirt and realized it was a white wife beater and he didn't get in my suitcase for my panties. I put on the shirt. It left a couple inches of my buns exposed and my hard nipples were very visible. I walked out and Ben told me to sit next to him on the couch. He poured the wine & lit the joint. I was buzzed when he pulled out a baggie with mushrooms. Want some? I hadn't done any for 2 years.

He got some bread and peanut butter. He crunched a bunch of the mushrooms and sprinkled on the PB. I slowly ate it all. He did the same. He asked me why I left. I explained that my husband started getting abusive. He constantly calling me a bitch and screaming and shove me around. We hadn't had sex in over a year. Even when we had he insisted I suck his tiny 4 1/2" dick 1st. Most the time he'd cum in 30 seconds, roll over and sleep. When he did fuck me he couldn't last more than 20 or 30 seconds.

Today he called from work. He told me his work buddy (SLEAZEBALL) was coming with him. They both wanted me naked when he got home and wanted me to blow them both immediately. Then serve them naked all night. Then he wanted to watch and video me blow and fuck his sleazy buddy. That's when I called you and got out quick. Ben said for me to move in there. I was relieved to tell someone what I'd been going through and even happier to know Ben would protect me.

We were both starting to trip on the mushrooms and laughing like crazy. The wine made me need to piss. As I walked to the restroom I could feel the shirt was pulled up halfway and Ben says your ass is so sexy. Your husband is a fool to not be fucking you as much as possible. I leaned forward and gave him a good look as I shakes it back and forth. I returned to the couch and pulled my shirt up a little as I sat. My nipples felt like they were ready to explode.

I noticed Ben was getting an erection and said you look uncomfortable and giggled as I pointed at his dick. He said that it was my fault. He handed me another half of a mushroom/peanut butter sandwich. We both ate it and washed it down with wine. I said where will I sleep. You only have 1 bed. He said you haven't seen the bedroom yet. Let's take a look. His bedroom had a king size bed, 56" tv, camera facing the bed and fed to the big tv and mirrored ceiling.

He said it's big enough for us both if you want. I said that's fine with me and smiled. He said he had to get off his underwear. Do I mind? I shook my head no and pulled off my shirt. He asked if I was on the pill? I said yes. I told him that the mushrooms have me so horny and his big dick had my PUSSY soaked.

I can't believe I'm going to say it but I want to suck and fuck you right now! I got on my knees and sucked him and then fucked him for an hour. I cum 3 times and I swallowed his 2nd load. We went back to living room, still naked and got high. We talked about what we did and decided we would continue until one of us didn't want to anymore. That was 3 years ago and it gets better every year.

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