Mom And Son Summer Fun

by SV (SC)

Marci was sitting out nude on the back patio, enjoying the early morning sunshine. The patio was private enough that she could do that, and she loved it. She liked the freedom of being able to just walk outside and sit and the table with her cup of coffee without having wear a stitch.

She was divorced, and had been for three years now. If her husband had been there, she doubted if he would have gone for her doing that. The thought of her walking around without clothes like that would have made him nervous. But since he was not there, she was free to do as she pleased.

Of course house nudity rules also extended to her son Ron, who was eighteen, and he liked it. She smiled at him when he came out of the house just as naked as she was, and he smiled back. It was so nice that they could be that casual together and just treat it as normal.

The only thing was, as she had been surprised to learn the first time she had seen him without clothes, was that her son was very well hung, as they said. His penis, soft, had to be ten inches.

Invariably she had seen him with an erection, and his penis really did not get much longer, its length just stiffened. Right then his penis swayed between his legs, appearing just a little firm and teasingly like he might be about to get an erection.

Admittedly Marci would not have minded if that happened, enjoying seeing her son’s masculinity on display. And he would have just grinned a bit modestly, like he did whenever that did happen, over having a boner in front of his own mom. Of course that was just part of being nude.

Yet, Marci was not immune to finding her son’s physical endowment enticing. She could think of the thick white semen squirting from his big penis, and how good it would feel having his length in her vagina. Only, of course, he was eighteen.

And while there were legalities about incest, there certainly were about sex. Yet, she did think of him turning eighteen, and perhaps initiating something sexual with him. Perhaps, she imagined, sucking on his dick and even letting him cum in her mouth and tasting his salty flavor.

The fucking with him, and having him take his organ all the way deep inside of her. Oh, yes that sounded so good, even if she was a little self-conscious as mothers were when thinking such thoughts about their own son. Yet mother and son sex, especially with divorced mothers, was hardly that uncommon, either.

Ron just grinned as he happily enjoyed being nude and barefoot, appearing unconcerned about his slightly developed penis as it jutted out with a revealing hint of firmness. He was cute, with curly brown hair that was on the longish side, and his smooth boyish features slightly feminine in that way that a cute boy’s could be, although with his naked display attesting to his maleness.

He was at that stage, as Marci knew, where he was probably enjoying being a little bisexual with other boys, just in the way that boys were with each other, as girls were with other girls. That was fun and uncomplicated and safe, and there was nothing new in that, with a certain amount of acceptance of this.

Unfortunately these days, however, with people wanting to immediately label it as being gay when it was in fact nothing of the sort. There was always somebody silly out there wanting to rubber stamp everything and proclaiming that their view of the world was right, and that it must be because they had rubber stamped it saying such.

Still, as Marci sat there nakedly having her coffee, and her son being naked with her, it was all very pleasing. In a little while he would pull on a t-shirt and shorts and flip flops, and go and meet with his friends and have some summer fun, just as she would enjoy being naked around the house, also having some summer fun. Quite possibly her friend Tracey would come over for coffee and that would be nice.

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