Mom And Son On Vacation

by Chris (NY)

I was surprised. There was my mom standing there head to toe naked in front of me.

She just smiled and laughed. “Well,” she excused, “we’re on vacation. It’s kind of fun being naked in front of my son.”

I grinned over my mom’s lack of inhibition. We had gone on vacation together that summer and had rented a small beach bungalow with two bedrooms.

That morning I had heard that my mom was awake and up so I just opened the door without thinking, not expecting her to be naked like she was.

She teased me and asked, “Do you want to be naked, too?”

“Golly, mom …” I said.

“Well,” she assured innocently, “no one will know.”

“No …” I answered, thinking that was true. “I … I guess that I could.”

Being barefoot and just wearing a t-shirt and shorts, it only took me a second to slip off my clothes. Then, for the first time I was just as head to toe naked with my mom.

There was a kind of expected moment of modest over my being that way with her, although very quickly it felt quite appealing and exciting. My mom had dark hair cut short and was slender, with small breasts that boasted two twin dark nipples that poked out, and she had a scant amount of dark pubic hair spread between her legs.

Suddenly I felt myself getting an erection in response to this as my penis began to stiffen and push visibly upright. I was relieved to see my mom showing an enthusiastic response to my arousal.

“That looks nice!” she complimented.

I blushed just a little, but at the same time it was very exciting to be having a boner nakedly in front of my mom like that.

She sat down on the edge of the unmade bed. “Why don’t you take care of that with me?”

I was surprised by my mom wanting to do this. As a boy you never thought of your own mom as being sexual, and you certainly weren’t use to see her being that way.

I stepped over to bed and she laid back, moving her legs apart. I got on my knees between her legs and took a hold of my erection. Quite easily I pushed it into the softness of her vagina, feeling her wet willingness envelop my organ.

“Oh!” she said with a wide-eyed look of surprise over our physical accomplishment.

I grinned down at her and she grinned back at me over this shared intimate delight.

Slowly I started to slide my stiff penis in and out of her, and I was amazed to think that I was actually doing this with my own mom, as I watched my penis sliding gently in and out, seeing the folds of her vaginal lips wetly caressing the shaft.

I wasn’t quite sure how to behave with my mom, although she certainly was enthusiastic.

“Your boner feels so good in me. It’s so exciting to be fucked by my son,” she said.

I was surprised by her language.

“It feels good fucking you, mom,” I said back.

For the next several minutes I enjoyed the pleasure of fucking my mom. While I was doing that I looked down and saw the swollen extension of her clitoris rising through the wiry pubic hair. Feeling daring I reached down and began to massage and tickle it with my fingers.

“Oh!” she breathed and squeezed her eyes shut, concentrating on the stimulation I was providing. Her clit felt firm and smooth and I continued to play with it, still amazed to think that I was actually playing with my mom’s clit. “Oh! Oh!” she gasped some more. Then she tensed and was having an orgasm. It was incredible seeing my mother having a sexual release.

She squirmed on the bed and I felt her vagina tighten around my erection, as her small bare breasts and pointed nipples thrust upward.

I continued to fuck her, letting her feel every inch of my outrageously erect penis while she was coming.

Then she took a deep breath and more or less collapsed onto the bed.

I enjoyed the sheer lustful moment of fucking my dick into my mom, doing so purposefully, culminating in an ejaculation. I gasped as I felt the semen shooting from my organ deep inside of her. My mom had said nothing about me not ejaculating in her, and I was hoping that it was all right that I was doing that. At the same time, recklessly I didn’t care and found the idea of having unprotected sex with my mom incredibly exciting.

I let the semen pulse out uncontrollably, savoring each and every intense squirt.

When I finished I could only recover, and as I did I nervously hoped that it had been okay.

“Oh, honey … that was so nice. It felt so good,” she said, giving me a pleased smile.

The fact that she wasn’t upset or alarmed that I had come in her, made me instantly feel relieved.

Looking perhaps just a tiny bit self-conscious she said, “It’s special for a mother and son to do that together.”

“Yes,” I agreed. It was special. I felt so privileged to have just had sex with my own mom, and to think that my sperm was actually in her.

With my penis still in her vagina, I leaned down and we did a small affectionate kiss on the lips and smiled at one another in a pleased way.

“I think that this might be a very good vacation,’ she teased.

“Yeah. I think so too, mom,” I said back.

Having somehow uninhibitedly managed what we had, we already both knew that there was now no reason for us not to be sexually indulgent. That we could enjoy this as mother and son, and just what a special thing this was.

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