One Armed Bandit

by Anonymous

For the sake of people who may be offended, let’s say that the events of this story happened when I was 18.

I had taken a fall down the basement stairs in our old home. Somehow along the way, I managed to snag my arm on a loose board. The result was a large gash and a trip to the ER. A dozen stitches later my mom and I were in a taxi heading home.

My Mom was beautiful and still had a great build for her age and having had a slew of kids. Big tits (38D, at least that was what the tag on her bras said) with big nipples, a round ass and dark bush.

I had managed to spy on her thru a crack in an old door on several occasions and was always rewarded with some kind of show. She was the Mom that all of my buddies wanted to bang, I guess a MILF before it was a thing.

Me and my buddy would beat off together talking about girls and it always got back around to my her. Kind of messed up but what the hell, teenage hormones ran our lives.

The morning after fall, Mom took the day off from work and stayed with me. My younger siblings had a normal day and were off to school. About mid morning Mom announced that it was bath time for me and with an arm in a sling, she would help where she could.

We didn’t have a shower, so the tub was filled and in I went. She came in a few moments later, dressed in a sweat shirt and jeans, and offered to wash my hair. At some point she staired down at my raging hard on and asked if I wanted a facecloth to cover myself.

I wasn’t embarrassed, hell, I was turned on and thought my heart would explode. I refused the towel. As the washing started, soap and water splashed and she asked me if it was ok that she take off her shirt, seeing that I had my dick out (my language, not hers).

Off it came and the best moment of my young life had just happened. Time seemed to fly by as her tits flopped around with the very proud nips sticking out but bath time ended too soon. After drying me off, I was sent to room to get dressed but told she would be in to help.

As I struggled to put on underwear, she came in. Fully dressed to my dismay. After a wasted attempt to put pants on over a now painful hard on, she gave up and told me she could help with. I was to gather my clothes and follow her to her bedroom.

I went in and was told to remove my underwear as she took off her pants. All I could see was her ass but it looked so good. She then turned down the bedding and climbed up on all fours. I followed up and slid in behind her as she guided my dick into her pussy.

This day just kept getting better as I began to grind into her and holding on with 1 arm (the other still in a sling). I went like a madman and I came quickly. That was it, we got dressed and spent the rest of the day together until everyone returned from school.

And that’s where I will leave it, except that there was a retap about 4 weeks later, but that’s a different story.

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